Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hygiene and all....

Hygiene and Universal Precautions are a must everywhere.And makeup cosmetics are not exempted from that.The oils and the media used are a very good culture medium for bacteria.These bacteria may be mainly non pathogenic but if immunity is compromised somewhere they can cause lethal infections.
Another abode for micro organisms is unwashed makeup brushes.Contact infections can occur if two people share the same set of brushes and creamy formulations like mascaras or eyeliners.
Due to the wet and creamy formula, bacteria attack mascara wands and sit in the gaps between the nylon brushes.
Creamy foundations,concealers in pots and creamy eyeshadow pots can harbor the deadliest of bacteria like Staphylococcus and varieties of Streptococci.These bacteria turn the organic oils used in the makeup products rancid and thus impart a foul smell.
Its not only the bacteria that invade but also some species of fungi.

Precautions: -
  1. Before starting a makeup session wash hands thoroughly {like a surgeon}.
  2. Sterilise sponges,pads,towels and other makeup material except brushes in an autoclave if possible and keep them as disinfected as possible.
  3. Clean the makeup table with an antiseptic lotion.Now a days sanitizers having isopropyl alcohol are in vogue.They not only disinfect or sterilise the place but also evaporate easily and make the work less messy.They also have a fresh fragrance.
  4. It is always impressive to sanitise your hands before the client.
  5. Spread a towel over the washed table.Keep some table cloth or a nice paper over it and then arrange the products in such a way that they are easily accesible to you.
  6. If possible use disposable products like Q tips and cotton balls.
  7. Wash mascara wands and if the clients are bigger party then preferably use fresh disposable wands.Better way is not to throw the old mascara wands but to use them everytime after using all sanitary precautions.
  8. In between sessions when it is not possible to wash all the makeup brushes use an alcohol based brush cleaner.As alcohol may dry the brushes you can wash them thoroughly with mild soap and water after your last session is over.Another trick to have soft and smooth bristles is to apply some hair conditioner and wash the brushes.
  9. Never or seldom share an eye makeup.
  10. You should be vigilant in finding out whether certain client of yours is having any infection especially contact borne infection right from stye to common cold to tuberculosis.
  11. Do not discuss hygienic things in front of clients with your assistants.It bad to make any bodily sounds or sneezing in front of your clients.
  12. Keep lots of tissues and wipes handy.They share a sacred space in your vanity case.Wipe your vanity case with the wet wipes to clear of dirt and dust.It is said that a million bacteria can sit on a single dust particle.

There are lots but shall discuss part by part......


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