Thursday, July 12, 2007

Do the Starry Way Part 2 - Sensuous Sarah Jessica Parker

Beauty i-village gives us some fantabulous tips on how-to-copy-celebrities...Here is this one for a beauty icon who travels all over the world to learn different makeup looks.She is none other than Sarah Jessica Parker.
We fell in love with Sarah Jessica Parker as capricious Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City because she lived the dreams and disappointments of every hardworking, unmarried, introspective, fashion-obsessed female we've ever known.
In real life, she's married to actor Matthew Broderick and mother to baby boy James Wilkie Broderick. In her "free time," the busy actress makes time to be UNICEF's representative for the performing arts. Here she is looking very "Belle de Jour" in a retro palette of heathery pinks.
Makeup artist Deborah Grayson tells us how to get her look.
Step 1:
Always start with a clean, lightly moisturized face so that makeup will lie as smoothly as it can. For over-40 skin, Grayson suggests clients try microdermabrasion facials, which polish away surface debris.
Step 2:
To get this makeup look, begin by applying a lilac-colored cream shadow to the entire lids with a fingertip.
Step 3:
Next, using a rounded shadow brush, layer a matte, heathery lilac over the base color.
Step 4:
With a freshly sharpened black pencil liner, you're going to make a thin yet dense line across the entire upper lash line. But you're not going to draw the line, says Grayson. To get a really fine line, dot the liner directly along the roots of the lashes in a "connect the dots" approach. No smudging, because you'll want to keep that line solid.
Step 5:
Sketch a line under the lower lashes with a gray-blue pencil, then smudge with a cotton swab or pointed-tip sponge applicator.
Step 6:
Apply two coats of black mascara to the upper lids. Then comb through them with a fine metal comb to separate and define lashes. Apply one coat of mascara to lower lashes.
Step 7:
Brush up eyebrows with a no-color brow gel, which will enhance your natural arch and help keep brows in place.
Step 8:
Dot a creamy pink-toned concealer under the lower orbits of the eyes, patting the concealer lightly with your finger until it's blended. You may want to go back and apply another light layer, but wait a few minutes until the first layer is settled by the warmth of your skin.
Step 9:
With a soft makeup sponge, apply a flesh-colored, gel-based foundation to any areas of the face that appear blotchy. Blend any excess with a fresh sponge.
Step 10:
Blot cheeks, chin, nose and forehead with a sheer loose powder using a flat velour puff.
Step 11:
Using a rounded blush brush, lightly apply a heather-pink powder blush to the cheekbones only.
Step 12:
Finish by lining the lips in a nude-pink liner, then filling the lips in with a soft, baby-pink sheer lipstick.

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