Friday, July 13, 2007

Do the Starry Way Part 4 Sizzling Aishwaya Rai Part 2

You just cannot get your eye off Ash....Her elegance,her charisma...its intoxicating.........But beautiful roses have thorns as well..........This photo is from het shoots for Longines ad campaign and her visit to the French Open.Doesn't she epitomise stardom in its true sense.....

Her makeup is very lovely,very starry and very flamboyant but very very good for the day.

Lets get inspired.....

Step1: -

Cleanse-tone-and apply an oil free mattifying moisturiser with some sunscreen depending on the part of the world where you are.Today lets mix-n-match products from Dior and Bourjois,both being my favorite brands for the sultry collections they have.
Always start with a primer as the primer protects your fave and acts a a sofa for the rest of your makeup.Use primers for face,eyes and lips.A makeup base also works but primers do an extra function of minimising wrinkles,

lines and pores.Apply the primer on a moisturised face with brush or with fingers and let is settle for 5 minutes or so.

Step2: -

Start with a light weight foundation that adds luminescence to yoour makeup.Such foundations not only add a glow but because of their light diffusing properties they blur away the imperfections.Apply DiorSkin Pure Light foundation with a foundation brush and blend it with fingers.The warmth of the fingers makes the product blend with your skin to give an ultra natural longlasting finish.A heavier hand is not recommended.Now to cover dark circles and othe blemishes and add an instant perk to the skin apply an illumising concealer having the same properties of the foundation.The concelaer shouldn't have shimmer as this shimmer may settle in your lines and actually accentuate them.Dot on Dior SkinFlash Radiance Booster pen under the eyes,on the brow and on the cheek bones to achieve a luminiscent glow.Now set all these bases with a sheer invisible loose powder again the one that imparts a softer glow like DiorShow Powder in Girly Pink or Spotlight Peach as per your skin tone (pink or yellow or neutral).

Step3: -

They eyes should have a shimmery bone or taupe colour eyeshadow that looks as nude as skin yet imparts an eye opening shimmer.With a large eyeshadow brush dust on some cemented beige colour from Dior 2-colour eyeshadow in DiorLagoon.Now highlight the crease with Bourjois's Wet/Dry eyeshadow in Kaki Etonnant for a brownish khaki shimmery effect.Highlight the brow bone with SkinFlash from Dior.

Now line the eyes dark with Bourjois Khol and Comtour eyeliner pencil in Noir Expert and blend to add a bolder definition yet a muted effect.Do not line the rims of the eyes,just the upper lid and smudge with a smudegr brush, a little outwards from the outer create a small wingin effect.Use an eyelash primer to get celebrity perfect lashes.Now after letting the primer set for 30 seconds apply two coats of Dior Blackout Mascara for luscious and long and curly lashes.Now you know how celebrities bat their lashes,don't you?

Step4: -

Smile wider and then with a blush brush that covers your cheek apples entirely {not bigger,not smaller} apply some fresh raspberry or rosy pink cheek colour on the apples of the cheeks blending it towards the temples for a girl-next -door innocence.Bourjois' Blush in Rose Frisson gives a candy pink shimmer on the cheeks.Very fresh.A little taupe or terracotta under the cheekbones starting form the outer halfway towards the temples will add on a subtle contour which looks kinda sculpted.

Step5: -

Colour your pouter with a dash of Raspberry pink stain.A stain effect can be achieved by dottting some lipstick and rubbing it across the lip for the pigments to go directly into the lips.Or use a a lipstain instead.Blend Dior Rouge Replenishing Lipcolour Lipstick in Pink Legend mixing it with a little Red Premiere.Rub it thoroughly so that hardly a stain in created.Another way to stain your lips for a natural looks is applying beet root juice and blending the colour.But this can give a bad try it if you dont have a choice.

For a sheer watery shine add on some Eau de Gloss from Bourjois in Framboise Glacee,a sheer berry colour.

This look makes you look glamourous in a tasteful and French way......


  1. Could you please give the makeup breakdown of Kiera Knghtley in the movie "Pride and Prejudice"?


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