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Do the Starry Way Part 5 Keira Knightley

Some sweet person has mentioned in the comments about getting inspired by Keira Knightley in the movie Pride and Prejudice.I'm honoured as some one did really read my stuff and bothered to write to me.
An advice for my readers.Kindly tell your name.The word "anonymous" creates a certain wall amongst us.

Anyways this was the best pic I could get from the movie.If you observe Keira playing the character of Elizabeth Bennet is sporting strong features without looking over done.A luminous and transperent complexion is the key feature of the look and so is the strong brow,bare cheeks with some contour and some natural lip stain.

The strong brow was a rage last summer and fall 2006 but still I love the look because it looks natural.

The best way is to throw away the tweezers {not literally} and sport a bushy natural brow.Not going into the brow basics but if you have a light brow you can colour it with a brow pencil and then comb and use a wax stick from MAC cosmetics to give it an well groomed effect.
Lets get inspired: -
Step1: -

Good cleansing-toning and moisturising is the key to have a perfect base.Lancome has some of the best buys in the market.
Apply Lancome's Photogenic Skin Illuminating makeup foundation with a foundation brush.Use your fingers to push and glide the product for a flawless finish.This foundation has a complex that optimizes the effects of light while balancing skin tone-plus a complexion-brightening blue pigment base, SPF 15 protection and skin-energizing ingredients-to give you skin that looks naturally radiant in any light.
Add extra luminosity on highlight areas like forehead,T zone,cheekbones,under eyes and chin apply and blend liberally Dior SkinFlash pen.Dab under eyes to conceal dark circles and donot rub.

Step2: -

With a large powder brush apply some translucent powder to set the makeup.To add more luminosity if required dab on Dior Skinflash again.The translucent powder gives an illusion of glow from within.Lancome's Color IDPrecise Match Weightless Portable Powder with a built-in brush is an excellent choice.Other option is Lancome Photofinish Sheer Loose Powder that gives an excellent translucent and photograph perfect coverage.


Contour and higlight the cheeks with some flesh or taupe coloured blush.Perfect to achieve a sweet glow is by layering a powder blush or some cream or mousse one.Blend Lancome's Magique Blush-Soft-radiant Mousse blush in Cinnamon Glaze and smoothen with two fingers on the cheekbones and hollows of the cheeks. Dust some Bourjois' Blush in Lune D'Or on the apples of cheeks to attain a fairy like complexion.

Step4: -
A little shine is what is needed on the eyes.Apply Dior Skinflash pen on the eyes and blend with fingers.The iridescent particles in this multipurpose pen gives a hither thither shine on the eyes.Line the eyes with a soft brown pencil if required and swipe on a subtle brown mascara to attain an understated look.
Tame the brows with a brow brush and then fill in some colour.Use feathery light strokes instead of drawing thick lines.Select a brow colour that is two to three shades darker than your hair colour.
Recommended products are: -

-Lancome Mod De Sourcils Brow Groomer and Brow Design Kit

-Bourjois Precision Brow Pencil

-Lancome Color Design Sensational Effect Eyeshadow in Faux Pas to accentuate the crease.

-Oriflame's Freaky Lash Mascara in Lara Croft

Step5: -

Stain the lips with a sheer orangey peach stain from Bourjois Lip stain pen in Peche Passion.For a sheer shiny glaze top it with Bourjois Eau De Gloss in Orange Leger for some soft orangey peach lips.

Very vintage....Very Dramatic....Very Victorian

PS: -The Victorian makeup is very pale.Tried to give a luminous complexion instead.During the Victorian times a pale powdered look was considered to be signs of richness and any colour on the lips was a sign of vulagrity


  1. Thank you very much for the Keira Knightley beauty breakdown. (Note: The period isn't Victorian, it's Regency.)But the products used are pretty high-street, the only thing in the list this student would be able to afford is the Oriflame mascara. Is there a way to get this look for less?

  2. Yes.The period is Regency but I was talking about inspirations taken from the Victorian Era.
    Thanks a lot for reading my blog.
    Yes I did not mention drugstore brands because the ones I mentioned are actually the ones I use.The major disadvantage that u wud get using affordable brands is the might very....yet I'll give u the list....

    Max Factor Sheer Radiance Foundation
    Max Factor Loose Powder
    Max Factor Flawless Perfection Blush in Classic rose
    Oriflame's Giordani Concealer Pen
    Oriflame's Peach Me perfect peachy highlighter.
    Oriflame's eyeshadow in Barbie and Ken
    Bourjois Eau De gloss in Tangerine Leger
    Oriflame Freaky lash mascara in Lara Croft
    and to add some shimmer during night times.....a wee bit of Max Factor shimmer panstik

    do keep reading and let me know of some more beuaty breakdowns...

  3. sorry for the spelling is VARY and not "very"


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