Wednesday, July 11, 2007

For Super-women......

In June's Allure, there was an article on how to fly without looking and feeling like absolute crap upon arrival. Since recycled air and pressurization lead to dehydration and swelling, Laura Mercier, the noted beauty belle, gave the following advice for saving face (quite literally) and flying fabulously:

  • Starting the day before your flight, modify your diet by eating lightly and avoiding salty foods that may cause you to retain water and swell up during your flight.
  • Be sure to get plenty of exercise and rest the day before your flight.
    The night before you leave, exfoliate your skin and then use a hydrating mask to make sure you get some extra moisture.
  • The morning of your flight, cleanse your face and add your everyday moisturizer to still damp skin. Also be sure to use a good eye cream and apply a thick lip balm or Vaseline to your lips. The more moisture, the better!
  • When you pack your carry on bag, be sure to follow all the TSA's ridiculous restrictions, but fill your plastic bag with sample sizes of your favorite moisturizer and eye cream. If you don't have sample sizes, you can get little bottles from drugstores or places like the Container Store to fill for your trip. You'll also want to pack a stick foundation, some cream-based eyeshadow, and some cream-based blush in your carry on.
    Keep your makeup simple while flying, and avoid powder-based makeup. Instead, just dab on a little concealer, some light cream blush, and tinted lip gloss.
  • While on the plane, keep hydrated. Mercier recommends continuously drinking water throughout your flight, and having a cup of warm water (or caffeine-free tea) every hour while you fly.
  • Before you land, apply an ice cube to each eye lid for a few minutes to reduce puffiness and refresh your skin. Also, take a moment to reapply your lip gloss and blush and to apply a few swipes of eyeshadow and mascara.There! You'll be beautiful when you reach your final destination.

Thank you Allure and Laura Mercier!


  1. One more tip - apply a good quality sunblock before you get on the plane. If you look at the faces of experienced airhostesses, you'll see that they've lost a lot of elastin due to the high altitudes.

  2. Hey dats a fantastic suggestion.I'd sugges a serum as well....especially some heavy duty ones like Shiseido.
    Christine Valmy an american company manufacturing high quality salon products have this srpay called Valmist I and II which have dissolve collagen and elastin in them.They act as excellent face rejuvenators to be used before any day protection....
    thanks a lot...


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