Wednesday, July 11, 2007

L'Oreal all the way......

L'Oreal,the French giant has ruled the world with its most innovative hairstyling products,colorful palettes,magical creams and endorsing the most prominent brands in the market like Garnier,Maybelline New York etc.

Now-a-days L'Oreal Paris gives you a chance to carry actresses like Aishwarya Rai,Eva Longoria,Laetitia Casta,Penelope Cruz and Milla Jovovich in your bag (not literally)....why?Because they have their own eyeshadow palette trios and eponymous lipsticks...........

L'Oreal presents the Color Appeal Star Secrets Trio Eyeshadows,colors chosen for their stunning brand ambassadresses according to the colours of their eyes.

According to the theory of colours and colour charts,one can enhance their eyes by using the eyeshadow colours that match the colour of their eyes or the colour that contrasts them.I read somewhere that look carefully into the reflection of your eyes and try to see the colours present in your irises.These are the colours that will enhance your eyes.{Except for some universal never-present-in-the-eyes colours like pink and peach}

These eyeshadow palettes have excellent pigments that enhances black (EVA LONGORIA), green (AISHWARYA RAI), grey (LAETITIA CASTA), brown (PENELOPE CRUZ) and blue (MILLA JOVOVICH) eye colours.The palette has three colours; the darker contourer,the lighter eye colour and the lightest highlighter.The highlighter is specially made using light reflecting pigments to make your eyes look larger.

The tricks to apply these eyeshadows are written by L'Oreal's Celebrity makeup artist Mr.James Kalliardos.

He recommends applying the darher shade or shade no.1 of the palette on the outer lashline of the upper and lower lid.Then fill in the colour that is shade no.2 all over the eyes and then use the highlighter over the brow bone.Apply the nely launched kohls from L'Oreal and then use the Double Extension Carbon Black Mascara to enhance the eyes and have starlet like peepers.

I have someways of applying these eyeshadows as well,according to occasions.....

  • Apply the darker colour on the outer one-third of the eyes in a form of "v" extending into the crease line.Apply the same one on the outer corners of the lower lids and drag the lines a little outwards to create a vintage-bollywood-like smokey eyes.Then apply the colour all over the lid and blend.Highlight the brow bone at a level above the iris of the eyes when you look straight in front,to make the eyes appear larger.Apply dark kohl pencil on the rims of the lids and blink for the colour to spread on.Line the upper lashline with a black liner and smudge it with a liner brush.Apply the famous Double Extension Mascara in Carbon Black.Compliment it with a nude peach-pink blush and clear gloss and be a SMOKEY SIREN.
  • For a total innocent look,skip the contouring colour.Contour the lids with shade no.2 and apply highlighter on the lids.Use a brown black mascara to look natural.
  • Applying the highlighter all over the eyes can make small eyes appear larger.
  • Use a smokey muddy grey colour like Mothbrown from the Barbie Loves MAC Collection over the crease and outer corners.Blend in the dark blackish-blue from the Milla Jovovich palette all over the lid.Highlight with the lavender highlighter in the same palette and apply the shade no.2 in the inner corners of the eyes.This shows gradations and deepening of the colours and opens up the eyes pronto.Apply some glittery greyish black liquid gel liner or just apply black glitter on your regular liner and get a punk-like eye.Smoothen some creme blush on your cheeks and apply a very shimmery and flirty pink gloss.
Do try these looks and let me know if you were mistaken to be either of those above mentioned actresses...........

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