Sunday, July 8, 2007

Naturally Made Up

The makeup flaunted on the ramps by the ethereal models can be brought down to the mortals but in an altered form........The reason being the coverage which the models need and which the common women need.
"Makeup is playing with LIGHT........twisting it,turning it and using it to enhance somethings while understating others."
In natural light,even the slightest makeup or colour on the face is highlighted.So sporting a model like look may end up makeing you look garish,greasy and gaudy.
Here are some tips I learnt from Mr.Chirag Bambboat a makeup artist par excellence from Clarins and MAC whose seminar I attended at my beauty school.

By the way Mr.Chirag Bambboat is a fantastic and a skilled makeup artist working as a trainer and key makeup artist for MAC cosmetics and Clarins.
  • Use light reflecting products to the minimal.Use the products that diffuse light to get a flawless complexion.He suggests using Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector all over the face after cleansing-toning and moisturising.

  • In the corners of the eyes,under the eyes and over the eyes he used Instant Light Perfecting Touch to give a natural sheen.The pen highlighter also acts an eyeshadow base.

  • Over this he dusted some Clarins Loose Powder lightly to fix the makeup yet look luminscent and transperent.

  • To add on some glow and enhance the contours of the face he lightly dusted MAC Mineralize Finish Powder in a a warm texture.This brings out the warmth of your complexion and adds a subtle frosty radiance.

  • He used a pale shimmery MAC eyeshadow and some pigments but I didnt hear the name.Anyways I'd suggest applying MAC eyeshadows in Llama all over the eyes and Retrospeck in the crease with a light touch.I'd suggest highlighting the inner corners of the eyes to brighten up the face.
  • He applied a thin coat of MAC Prolash Mascara in Black for an understated look.

  • On lips he used MAC LipGelee in Moonstone for a natural shine and supple doesnt stay for long so do have a holding power she also suggested to use a MAC lip primer.I'd suggest a clear gloss to look innocent and youthful from Lancome Juicy Tubes.

Credits: -Picture courtesy from Sephora,Mac cosmetics and featuring Balenciaga

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