Monday, July 16, 2007


I've always been a fan of powders of all types {since they give my oily complexion a matte finish} whether a loose powder,tanslucent powder or a compact.
Compact being the best ones for their easy portability and ergonomicity (if the latter word is correct).Whether they are high end brands like Lancome,Dior,Shiseido and Givenchy or drugstore brands like Lakme,Maybelline,Revlon and Max Factor and of course my own Oriflame versions,I love all my babies.
The problem with all the compacts I have (I hate MAC for their compacts) is that they make me feel very dry especially on the nose and the cheek areas.So dry that I feel lie splashing water and moisturising again.So I prefer loose powders but then they are very messy and difficult to carry.{And boys can use compacts to have a flawless and matte complexion.Its not only a girl's toy.}

On my short trip to find good products {I'm the Beauty Traveller} I found this
new launched Bourjois Pudre Compact Powder and since was running out of my products I bought this one.Had tested several ones on my hand but not this one and somehow I wasn't in the mood of buying anything else.
So got Bourjois without evern bothering to open up the tester.Since it was a steal for Rs.500 I didnt mind much paying that mcuh.The packaging was a little attractive {as I'm not comfy with black packaging} but the pink really went well on the black background.
I had a function to attend so thought of using this one as the girl on the counter promised me that it'll give a matte finish and last long.I never believe her but that day I did.
Got a fluffy powder brush out from my pandora box and swiped it over the compact.{I never use the one they provide}..In one swipe a lot of product came on the brush as it was so soft,so dusted the excess and then applied it on the forehead and it glided very smoothly giving me beautiful matte finish.Covered the entire face and without even blending and removing the excess,I hastily ran out coz I was getting late.(I usually turn up late at parties and thats why my friend invite me an hour earlier.)
At the occasion I thought I was looking like a complete and glorified moron as people were giving me peciliar glances.Met my friend,hugged her and she looked at me and she asked,"What is it thats looking different?"I asked 'what'?She said "Your always oily and greasy skin is looking perfect and flawless", and she pulled my cheeks {on the face} and shouted "So soft.What did you do?"I had totally forgotten about the powder I had applied.While going home I remembered.....Gave her a call at 12:30 pm at night and told about the powder and next day at 10 a.m in the morning she went and bought 10 compacts for her mom and sisters and brothers and even her dad and called me telling that they were fabulous.........

That was Bourjois Poudre Compact..........Gosh its so soft and it literally melts into your skin making it look satiny soft.It has moisturising properties.It conceals imperfections and smoothes skin without drying. Its supple and smooth texture, along with its light scent, make wearing the Compact Powder comfortable and delightful. The stylish floral outside packaging includes a large convenient mirror and powder puff for application on the go which is not that great....
Use it over moisturiser,foundation,primer or just glides smoothly and applies evenly.....

Its steal for junkies....


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