Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tom Pecheux....the magician

Is he a model?
No no he seems to be a designer?
O My God he makes me go weak in my knees!
He has to be an actor?
This is what French ladies say...........

Well,this gorgeous looking frenchman is a MAKEUP ARTIST.Mr.Tom Pecheux,one of the most sought after makeup artists, is a beauty designer and a key makeup artist for most renown and world famous brands.This avante garde makeup artist is also behind Shiseido the makeup and is famous for creating supernatural and flawless looks.

His famous works can been seen with stalwart photographers like Mario Testino and great designers-of-the-time like Ralph Lauren,Salvatore Ferragamo,Marni,Missoni etc and new designers making their names in the industry like Derek Lam and Doo.ri.

He often leads a MAC team of makeup artists and also uses Shiseido products backstage.
What I love about Tom Pecheux is that he has learnt makeup anywhere.He was a pastry maker......way different from the job he is presently doing.Though he brings the colours of the pastries over people's faces....

Here is a small interview with Tom Pecheux from Sleek Mag: -

TOM PECHEUX, lives and works in Paris. The year 1992 marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship with Mario Testino and Carine Roitfeld who encouraged him to pursue a career as a make-up artist. His work on numerous fashion shows for Prada, Alberta Ferretti, Marni, Karl Lagerfeld and many more brought him the title of »runway make-up guru«. He’s also worked as colour creator for cosmetic companies like Shiseido, as well as being the favourite make-up artist of celebrities such as Madonna, Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston.

SLEEK: The term is ›Make-up Artist‹. Have you ever wished you could nail one of your masterpieces to the wall? What remains of your work after the job is done?
TOM PECHEUX: I think the biggest advantage the make-up artist has over the artists is that you get to work in a team. The most important person in that team is, of course, the model. You build up quite an intimate relationship with models, sometimes a friendship, over your time working together. This is all more or less a psychological process and that’s why, even when the make up is removed at the end of the day, there’s a lot that remains - memories in particular.
SLEEK: Is your ›after‹ always better than ›before‹?
TP: Fortunately, no one has ever said to me »Oh no, take it off – I looked better before!« The best compliment is when
when someone says »now I look good« and not »the make-up looks good«. What’s important is how you capture a person’s personality and reflect this in the make-up. The nude look, which I prefer, particularly highlights a personality and doesn’t alter it.
SLEEK: From the past, present and future, who are the top 5 faces on your best made-up wish list? And the top 5 faces in most need of your artistic talents?
TP: Two of my favourite faces that I’ve worked on belong to Madonna and Kate Moss. Madonna is unique. She has been in the business for decades and has managed to constantly change her […]

I'm a great fan of his and I'm sure after reading the article you would be a fan too...

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