Friday, July 6, 2007

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I'm Dr.Neeraj S Navare from India.I'm a doctor by profession and I practise cosmetology.Iim a skin consultant and a beauty advisor and of course a makeup artist in making.Makeup artistry is my hobby,my passion.
I think I made somewhat a right decision even after people telling me about being a makeup artist is not my job as a doctor.But I believe that you get 100% satisfaction in your work when you make your hobby your work.
Makeup inspires me all the time to do something creative,something out of the blue.Though my model most of the times is my mother,I do try out new looks on my girl-friends and get their suggestion and remarks.Most of the times they are awestruck with the result they get but somewhere down there in their hearts they do have a special place for me.
The name of my blog the "Beauty Traveller" would be apt as I travel everywhere to have a look at new brands,try new stuff and review them.This has made me a fan of some of the cosmetic brands and at times when people are in crisis {of course makeup related} I know where I should take them.
My ideal,my idol and my inspiration for makeup comes from some of the best people in the business life Pat McGrath,Tom Pecheux,Charlotte Tilbury,Val Garland,Ayako,Charlie Green,Tina Turnbow,Troy Surrat,(Late) Mr.Kevyn Aucoin,Lee Pycroft,Ellis Faas,Pati Dubroff,Max Delorme,Rafael Pita,Dick Page and our Indian makeup up artists like Cory Walia,Clint Fernandez,Divya Chablani,Venus Ferreira,Angelina Joseph,Marvie Beck,Chirag Bambboat, Stafford Braganza,Ambika Pillai,Mickey Contractor,Lippi Lal and the whole team of MAC makeup artists.There are more but the list is endless.I love them coz their work speaks volumes about their personalities their creativity,their lifestyle and the different looks that they conjure and brew in no time to meet the designer's demands.I love the way they carry themselves in the world of glamour and of course their vanity cases.
I wish to follow their path,their footsteps and tomorrow be an inspiration for someone else.

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  1. Hi doc.I am a doc with similar interests.I say we must follow our happiness no matter what cos our happiness keeps us the blog.


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