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Some questions that trouble a woman's mind and the solutions for them..........

Why do people especially makeup artists stress on applying good quality makeup?
Ans.Because branded makeup is manufactured under a very strict quality control regulations most of them implied by different Cosmetic and Drug Acts and FDAs throughout the world.These regulations are made in order to cater the cosmetic needs of people in a safer way.When safety comes first,the cost doesnt matter at all.
No one wants your makeup product to penetrate within your skin and cause systemic problems.In Ancient Egypt people used to line Copper Sulphate under their eyes,use Mercury and Lead in lipcolours and blushes to accentuate the color of the skin.Japanese people used White Lead.Those days the fad for makeup was so much that women didnt mind dying but using the makeup products.That isn't the current situation,is it?Todays makeup should be: -
  • safe and free from potential allergens
  • should not contain carcinogenic substances
  • the subsatnces should be mostly inert and not react with the skins surface.
  • they should be available in environmentally friendly packagaing and should not cause damage to the surrounding.
  • should not contain environment damaging aerosols
  • should impart only the effect they are meant to do

This is what i feel.There are rules by some big bodies which go as follows: -

Identity and potency: Does the product contain the ingredients and dosage strength listed on the label?
Purity: Is the product free of specific contaminants it should not have?
Bioavailability: Does the product dissolve adequately for use in the body?
Consistency: Does each tablet or other unit of the product have the same identity, potency and purity?
Good manufacturing practices (GMPs): Does the manufacturing facility follow high-quality standards for
NPA/NSFIn'tl: procedures for quality control/assurance, cleanliness, checking identity and potency of ingredients, and testing of final products for potency, purity and bioavailability?
USP: safe, sanitary and well-controlled procedures?
ConsumerLab website.
Natural Products Association (NPA, formerly NNFA) website.
NSF International website.
US Pharmacopoeia (USP) website

Are they trying to favor or advertise a certain brand for their own use?
Ans.They may promote a brand but I dont know of a qualified makeup artist who would misguide somebody to use a bad brand.They're paid to do that.It should be our choice.Its famously said :Give thy thoughts an ear but thy tongue."

My lipstick just costed me Rs.50 and I have the same effect that other makeup lady using one with Rs.1000 had.Does this question arise in your mind while buying makeup?
Ans.Your Rs.50 lipstick may not pass the stringent rules laid by the associations.When a cosmetic doesnt cost much,the raw materials used in it are of cheaper quality as well.Well when a local manufacturer markets his brand sometimes its cheaper because its exempted from Customs and Duties imparted while shipping or transporting the product.But that doesnt mean the product goes dirt cheap because the ingredients used are expensive.

My makeup is old but still doesnt smell bad.Do I still use it?
Ans.All makeup products have an expiry date even though the manufacturing companies are exempted from the rule of mentioning the date of manufacture and expiry.Certain norms are followed in cosmetics when we buy them.The expiry of your product can be determined by its smell as the oils used in the base may turn rancid,by the change in colour and texture and more importantly if it starts giving a reaction which it did not give before.Conventionally the following norm is followed (which may not be very strict and it pertains to the local climatic conditions and the way you store your make up) as follows: -
Foundations,Concealers,Makeup bases,Blushes,Eyeshadows usually last for 2-3 yrs.Lipsticks for 1 1/2 year and lipglosses 1 yr.Mascara has the shortest life of 3-6 months.

How do I trust and brand and How do I know whether the brand I'm using is real or fake?
Ans.You can rely on the brand by thoroughly studying it online,through media and reviews given in magazines.Some brands have established names and they wont compromise over anything for the downfall of their names.Though recently some brands have used unethical practises to market their products but people are not insane and you cannot be fooled all the time.Big players use good advertising strategies and excellent quality products with excellent stock availablities.Some brands do have their monograms which are unique.
To decide whether the brand is genuine,buy it from a commercial area and not on streets.You cannot get brands on streets.Most of them give you a bill which has to be retained.There are many ways to prove the frauliency but lets keep it with the exeperts.

Which is the best way to access a good brand?
Ans.Through malls,sepcialised beauty boutiques,online shopping and online references taken online or through reading media.Best way online is to type the product on
To see listings of the brands you can access

How do I decide which brand is safer for me?
Ans.Most brands do write about the safety of their products like Dermatologically tested and Allergen free.But it doesnt mean that it always the same what they tell.No product can be completely allergen free as the every one has a unique make of his or her skin and can react differently.The comment is made when the product is tested on a variety of candidates during trials.You can sue a brand if you end up with allergies but then you should have enought backing and enough people telling about it.The legal processes might not be favorable sometimes.

Are the brands used in bridals really good?
Ans.Not always until its a mainstream professional makeup artist.Local beauticians compromise over quality as they want to flaunt more quantity of the product.sIt has to be affordable for them.Instead I'd suggest to buy the required products yourself after surveying thorugh different brands to make your own trousseau collection and practse to make yourself good,You can access to many self improvement and makeup teaching seminars happening all around the country.One of the best ones I've visited is at Christine Valmy Bandra.{I'm not promoting them.just suggesting them}.

How to keep my makeup hygienic and good?
Ans.Store your makeup in a dry cool place away from sunlight as sunlight can change the chemical compostion of the makeup products.Cosmetics add as a good culture medium for the bacteria to grom and you cannot use an antibacterial substance as it is harmful as well.So its better to apply UNIVERSAL precautions if possible to handle your products.Use clean and sterilised brushes and sponges and share makeup to the least to avoid cross infections.

Why are branded products so costly?Are they worth it?
Ans.They are worth every penny because manufacturing a cosmetic requires lots of brains,lots of promotion and lots of creativity.Give me a gold brick and I'll make you a fabulous necklace out of it,but I cant make a gold necklace with steel,right.
Makeup artists,Color Specialists and Chemists toil day and night to make us look beautiful.Its always worth paying them their price.
Cosmetics are even made considering the social strata of the people who would buy them.You need not be one of them all the time.We dont go and buy the entire range the way rich people do.For once a time extravaganza it isnt bad.
Let me warn you about the addictions brand usage can cause.The Addiction is of buying continuously and not anything else.

I dont want to make a hole in my pocket.Can I still use branded cosmetics?
Ans.Yes of course.We do indulge in sometimes.I'd recommend buying a single exclusive piece from a range that a brand offers after seeing your budget.Sometimes its easy to compromise by saving some money from being spent in eating out in restaurants and buying unnecessary stuff.
A Diamond Pendant always shines even if it is piled with other cheaper accessories.A Caviar once in a lifetime is no harm.
Brands are available for all sectors of the society.I'd recommend to buy a good quality branded blush or a bronzer or a lipstick or an eyeshadow palette or a mascara.No need to spend on foundations and makeup bases until its absolutely necessary but do invest in a two-in-one powder or a loose powder because they are absolute necessities.

Will my makeup product harm me?What are the effects that a cosmetic can do on the skin?
Ans.Right from a varities of allergies like rashes,eruptions,itching etc to severe reactions like Steven Johnson syndrome can occur if you use an unbranded cosmetic due to potential allergens present in them.Lead,Arsenic,Mercury based cosmetics can lead to death after a prolonged use,but due to stringent manufacturing rules these happenings are rare.
When you buy a cosmetic especially a skin care product do test a tester on the hand {patch test} if its possible,because neither God nor a doctor can predict the allergy that could happen to you.{even if the doctor knows your allergy history}.
NOTE: -What I'm writing is through my vast reading and immense references take from many online sites and books.I have not copy-pasted these Frequently thought questions but written them myself.

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