Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dainty Buys

Today I'm going to discuss on a topic that is very sensitive and gives nightmares to "Budget women"........its about "How to buy expensive makeup and how much to buy?"
This question is so obvious to appear in every girl's or rather woman's mind and this craving needs a background of a newly found vitamin which was always there...VIT-M!!Most women and always their husbands are stressed of the fact of not letting themselves loose in a COUTURE makeup section and trying to buy cheaper alternatives to pacify the mind.Personally I dont think it is wrong in buying an exclusive piece of makeup rather than buying a tonne of cheaper versions.
So here I am going to tell you the benefits and advantages of high end branded makeup and how do you plan to buy them.

ADVANTAGES over dirt cheap versions: -
  1. The high end brands are the ones from which the dirt cheap versions are copied, always, so why buy the drugstore brand when you can buy the original version.
  2. The ingredients used in high-end brands most of the times are of highest quality and does not react with skin most of the times.Drugstore or dirt cheap brands claim so but they aren't sure of their own claims.
  3. High end brands are costly but they have an excellent pay-off.These cosmetics never ditch you at the last moment.
  4. The colours used in the high end brands and their formulations as well are so unique sometimes that you don't get an alternative to that Lancome's Sensational Eyeshadow in Sentimental blue {Loreal trio in Milla Jovovich has the same blue too but the pay-off is bad and so is the texture}

There are millions more but these are the most realistic ones.

Buying high-end brands needs a lot of research and planning and lots of guts (I mean it after remembering my first incidence at the Shiseido counter).Here are some tips that my dear readers might find useful {in India}....

  • Regularly check the websites of high end brands to view their latest collections.
  • Research over the reviews that people write online for the makeup products that they have used.
  • Check their approximate prices at Sephora website.{btw the good news is Sephora is coming to India}
  • Whenever a product is launched in India, people do take sometime to console themselves.This time taken could go for months so by the time consoling is done you'll gather much money to buy the paint you desire.
  • Save some money aside so that you can indulge yourself at least once in 4-5 months.
  • Always look for palettes.I know they are costlier but then they have a more colours to experiment and they come slightly cheaper when you think of buying individual colours.for eg.Shiseido eyeshadow palette costs you Rs.1700 with a 4 colours and infinite possibilities but the mono eyeshadow costs Rs.1350.The palette is cheaper isn't it.The companies though are very smart not to include the same colours in their mono and quad versions but then you have more choice in the latter.
  • Indulge over buying only lipsticks,liglosses,powders,mascaras and eyeshadows if you're a budget buyer.The other products especially nailpolishes are not so exclusive although its the matter of choice.
  • Call the counter person from where you desire to buy the product in advance.It gives you a faint idea of the availability of the product,stock and sometime pre-booking the product especially if its the hottest selling one.It looks professional too.for eg. people at La Galleria,Bandra are so good and sweet.They made me available a palette from discontinued version of Shiseido summer 2006 collection which I came to know an year after.I simply wanted the palette and with a little here-n-there from the counter girl Harsha I got it.
  • Always keep a 100 or 200 bucks extra in case you like something else from that brand as the website stuff is flattering but the actual product may not be so.
  • See that you buy for only and solely personal use until and unless you are a celebrity or a professional.Sharing leads to contamination which decreases the shelf life of your costly product.And how many indulgences of our do we share with others.
  • Keep the things you buy in a cool dry place.Better idea is to buy a makeup case.

Once you buy a high end product and you are satisfied with it,next time your preferences change towards the high end give it a try.......

The high-end brands you get in India are

Chanel,Dior,Elizabeth Arden,Lancome,Shiseido,Clarins,Art Deco,Christian Breton,Nina Ricci,Givenchy,YSL and Lancaster....more are on their way though.....

Hope you find these tips helpful....please let me know...ciao

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