Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Power Blushes

Do you crave for the radiance of an immortal?Do you want to bask in the glow of iridescent shimmers?
The best way to achieve them is through a blush.I've used the term "Power Blushes" because I'll be telling you about the metamorphosis you can get after their usage.
A blush is a colour that represents the tinge of colour that blood impart on your skin.People have different skin and different tones hence different blushes.We always tend to buy the one that appeals to our eyes or else like most of the Indian women,we're scared of using blushes.
A blush or rouge comes in million form and million textures but their ultimate purpose is the same,to give you ethereal radiance.To group them widely,blushes comes in textures like:-
  • cremes- very useful for people with dry skin as they have moisturising emollients
  • powders- trustworthy friends of oily skinned people as they absorb excess oil and add more clarity
  • gel- they tend to dry up on the skin and mimic a natural flush
  • mousse- here its all about gliding and blending
  • camouflage- used for people with skin ailments who crave to look beautiful

With the effect we desire,blushes can be divided into: -

  • Highlighters that reflect as much light as they can and create a halo of glowing healthy skin
  • Contourers that enhance the elevations and depressions of the face adding dimension and depth.

So next time you choose a blush,buy the one that meets your needs and the part you want to accentuate.

A raspberry or pink blush is good for white and fair skin.

Medium toned skins can use copper and rust colours.

Dark tones can use reds.

Peaches and pinks make you look healthy and bright.Taupes add a watery shine to your cheeks.Purples and mauves attract light and add a glow.Biege and browns neutralise and contour to maximum perfection.Oranges and golden yellows make you appear sunkissed.


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