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Beauty Tours: - Lancome

Being a beauty traveller I go on special and highly alluring tours. These aren’t world tours, they are makeup tours. Makeup and cosmetics is not only my passion but also my source of entertainment and a method of educating people on how to beautify themselves.
Makeup and skin care is a vast field and something keeps on emerging all the time. May it be a ground breaking anti-ageing cream or the most flattering lipstick shade, the cosmetic industry has been the most booming industry currently.
Owing to technology, better financial position of people and the growth of nation, people have started caring more for themselves. Now-a-days buying a skin care product is like going on a shopping spree which I always love to do. Brands like Dior, Chanel, and Shiseido are not new to people and have set up such wonderful and user friendly counters, that you won’t resist not buying anything once you visit them. This is what happens to me.
Buying cosmetics is like surfing, you pass through so many things on the way but ultimately you reach your goal (i.e. the sea shore for a surfer) and dig a big hole in your pocket for sure.
Haven’t I discussed some great shopping tips before you actually hit the counter? Do use it as a guide, it helps!

After a lot of blah blah, let me come the main topic. In these beauty tours that I do all the time, I get to see fantastic brands and fantastic people out there who are always there to lend you a helping hand. This time my visit was to the Parisian brand, Lancôme with their exclusive and well equipped counter at Shoppers Stop, Dynamix mall, Juhu. I have loved and adored Lancôme even before it was launched in India. Such a prestigious brand that not only promises result oriented products but also a visual emancipation. Had I been unlucky I wouldn’t have got a chance to meet the Head Makeup Artist of Lancôme, India: Mr. Stafford Braganza. And the tour was even more alluring there.
Actually I visited them to get one of their fantastic new launches. Before telling about the new product launches, let me make one thing clear. India being really far, it takes a long time for the products to arrive making it even more longer to get launched. But the ray in the darkness is that all the products are manufactured abroad so the chances of adulteration and faux happenings are comparatively lessened.
Anyways coming back to where we were. My interests were of achieving their newly launched eye colors. The OAP Quad Rose de Bonheur, a perfect cool palette inviting the summer and some ultra shiny Color focus eye shadows in colours of the sun and spring, were some of the elements of the collection. The newly launched Ombre Absolue was another eye candy and so were the new lippies. But due to hard luck I could lay my hands upon the quad.
Since the quad wasn’t available and money jingling to be spent I thought of looking at Lancôme's world famous Juicy tubes. They have a fantastic collection of shades but what hooked me the most was the coffret or the gift set available. This limited edition coffret has 4 juicy tubes glosses 4 x 7ml. in the coolest colours that you would need. One being exclusive shade meant only for the coffret makes it a must buy for beauty addicts like me. Again it was a budget buy because a single juicy tube costs about Rs.950 INR for a 15 ml. gloss and here I’d spent Rs.1800 INR for four. Isn’t it a steal? Plus the added benefit was one of the glosses were the ones I have longed for a long time to buy, so this coffret did the deal. In the coffret I got a pair of Enduringly shiny hydrating lipglosses and Ultra shiny hydrating lip glosses. The former ones are 93 Toffee R&B (not aware of that) which is a beige shimmer with gold and silver flecks and 17 Fraise which is a playful cherry red with red shimmer. These glosses have a sophisticated edge and last really long. The 95 Marshmallow Electro is a beautiful cotton candy pink with soft gold flecks and can be used over your favorite lippies for a playful shine while 19 Lychee is a pink with lilac flecks. Juicy tubes don’t just shine and dazzle but also last longer and taste really sweet. Another way to burn down calories yet not stay hungry, these lipglosses are immensely comfortable to wear.
Since Lancôme was really celebrating New Year, the give-aways were endless. They had a Fatale mascara coffret which I was really longing to buy. Again a steal in its own way. The fatale mascara coffret worth Rs.1400 had the best gifts I could gift myself. There were one-of-the-best-mascaras in the world along with an eye pencil and 30 ml of Bifacil, Lancôme’s famous two phase any-sort-of make-up makeup remover. The fatale mascara again featured in my earlier posts is an award winning mascara known for imparting long, luscious, shiny lashes for a really fatal batting (of lashes). They have a stunning jet black shade which adds drama to your eyes. I even liked the brown but would not want it as it could lessen the drama and the glamour.
Amidst of this was Stafford. Such an amazing makeup artist Stafford is! I have seen him turning ordinary girls into glamorous divas in just a few brush strokes. So meeting him was real fun. He has been an influential makeup artist known for his ultra modern makeup techniques and his capability of enhancing other’s beauty. You wouldn’t want to miss the amazing base makeup that he teaches. Makeup is fun and Stafford makes it happen for you.
He showed me some of lancome’s products that I really wasn’t aware of and as usual amazed me. Please pardon if the “amaze” word keeps on propping out every time.
I loved their Primordiale Optimum Eye cream Rs.3000 INR 15 ml. which firms up the under eye area in just one application. It fascinated me with the quick uplift that my under eye area got the other day. Its surely going to top the product rankings that I’d be releasing in future.
I do use a wee bit of foundation for some coverage during parties or official events or just when I feel low and dull (its not like boys cannot use foundation, the inventor of the foundations Mr. Max Factor was a man or rather a boy). But getting a right shade is a nightmare for me. I have always gone a little pinky, or a little peachy and even white at times while using various foundations of various companies. Since I have an oily skin, finding an oil free formula is an adjuvant to the existing nightmare. I was impressed by Lancôme’s Teint Idole 14 hour lasting without retouching makeup but wasn’t very delighted as the shade that was appropriate for me made me look a little flushed. I did love the coverage it provided compared to many other brands but the color just wasn’t right for me. Now since I have it, I got a paler foundation like Shiseido The Makeup Dual Foundation in O40 and I mix the former and latter and I use it. But what Stafford showed me was magical.
It was a tinted moisturizer. This isn’t a huge trend in India but brands are very keen on introducing it and Lancôme has launched it at the right time. Aqua fusion Tinted moisturizer as it is called is a light weight moisturizer (perfect for oily people) that is oil free and has a hint of colour in it to give a sheer minimal translucent coverage. It seems transparent to eye and yet makes the wearer look magically flawless. Fatima SA applied it on me and I was even more amazed. The texture felt superbly light and even after moving out in Mumbai’s pollution and humid climate, my face was clean and fresh. This tinted moisturizer does impart a healthy glow and works well with all skin types and all this at Rs.2500 INR for 50 ml. Isn’t it science? These are the offspring of marriage of nature and technology. A fair suggestion by Stafford for all oily and combination skin people would be,”Wash your face with Pure Focus foaming cleanser. Use anti-shine over the t-zone (optional) and a pore minimizer (ultimate weapon) to tighten pores. A sun protection of spf 15 or more depending upon your timings of sun exposure and need and a tinted moisturizer which duals up to quench the thirst of your skin as well as provide a flawless coverage.” This would really work all day long.
Another amazing product that I got to see was Aqua fusion line of cosmetics specially designed by the mavericks at Lancôme for concerns of dehydrated and dry skins. Although the above mentioned moisturizer is from the same range, yet there are other wonderful products too. The constant skin drinks that these moisturizers provide shall let us all bid adieu to dry and dehydrated skin.

The instructions at say: -

AQUA FUSION LOTION - Continuous Infusing Moisturizer Infuse your skin with moisture!
Infuse your skin with moisture all day and see it glow with health. This ultra-charged moisture complex delivers 16 skin-essential elements to maintain skin's ideal moisture level. Delivers oil-free, water-smooth, fresh moisture.

Oily skinned people would be benefited by the Pure Focus range that relieves the problems in an extremely gentle way.
You can actually see this cream working and why shouldn’t it, if you are in the right hands with the right product.

Lancôme counter is one of the most helpful ones in Shopper’s stop and since their staff is so highly trained, it is an added advantage. The best role of theirs was holding a rare collection of eyeshadow quad for me amidst so many demands. All thanks to Jayshree the SA there.

My favorites from Lancôme and of course the one that hit the topmost priority in my makeup list are: -
juicy tubes lipgloss in Peche
Primordiale optimum eye cream
aqua fusion teinte in No.3
Lancôme Courbe Virutose mascara
some amazing eyeshadow quads and monos
the destiny cube

Pure focus deep purifying cleansing gel

Lancôme is much more than this. And if you want to reveal the secrets of beauty and look within the inner pages of it, this is where you should come.

PS: - Shall be posting Stafford and his team soon. By the way Lancôme hasn't paid me to write this.These are all my views that I'm sharing without expecting anything out of it.Just for the sake of knowledge.


Next Time:- Makeup Tour at Chanel


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