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Blushing Facts

Finding a perfect makeup that goes easy on us is very difficult. Its like hunting in a forest where there are hardly any deer. We do end up buying a perfect lipstick or a perfect eyeshadow but what’s difficult to find is a BLUSH. Some blushes are too pink and some blushes are good but they are not available in India.
So I decided to make a tutorial on blushes.

Why do we need a blush?
Ans. Blush which is also called rouge helps us mimic the natural way our skin would flush (blood accumulating under the skin) and look healthy. Better way to put is, the healthy pink flush on baby’s cheeks makes it look happy and contented. That’s why blush is important. Blush also creates a perfect balance and a harmony between your eye and lip makeup. Its acts like a bridge there.

Blush is available in all sorts of formulations and textures that would suit anybody and any skin type. Some of these formulations are: -
- crème blushes
These are best for dry to very dry skin as they are rich in emollients that hydrate the skin further. If oily skinned people use them, they would end up in an emergency as oil would literally drip from the skin.

- powder blushes
These are fantastic for oily skin as they absorb oil from the skin giving a matte effect. Sometimes they contain rice powder that absorbs excess oil making the skin look flawless and yet a little dewy.

- Tints
These are stains that mimic the appearance of a healthy flush. Very difficult to use as they dry and stick very easily and leave a stain behind. Plus they cannot be used over a foundation.

- Gels
Best for oily skins as the formula is water based and leaves behind a pinched-up skin look.

- liquid blushes
Same as tints but the formula may contain emollients for hydration.

Bronzers are a type of blushes that impart warmth for an all over glow and are the best for getting a sun-kissed look. Bronzers have recently been in vogue and each company has launched one or more than one. What I like about bronzers is they can be used effortlessly in the contours or just to warm up pale and dull skin. But we’d have a different session for bronzers.

Some of the best blushes I found in India are: -

Shiseido Accentuating stick: -
It’s a crème blush that goes on flawlessly on the skin and gives a beautiful flush. Its comes in four shades of Glisten, Bronze, Peach and Rouge flush and gives a fantastic professional coverage. Costs about Rs.1600

Lancôme blush subtil: -
This blush knows what its doing. When used very sparingly it gives an appearance of sheer radiance of that of a supernatural being. Its costs Rs.1750 INR

Max factor flawless perfection blush: -
It does exactly the same thing what it’s named for. This blush is very good for starters and for amateurs in the business as an investment. The added advantage is that it’s placed in an affordable price range of Rs.520 INR. I’ve mentioned about this blush in one of the early articles of mine.

Christian Dior Glowing color powder blush: -
It’s a fantastic duo blush and I’m proud of the shades that I own. They give you a color and highlighter together which create magic when they touch your skin. One of the best ones I have. Price is approx. Rs.2000 INR

YSL Esprit couture collection. Palette no.2: -
This limited edition palette is a steal. Available in a rich golden packaging this blush cum eyeshadow is designed in the design of YSL’s Couture gown. The shades suit Indian skin well. The cost is Rs.2390 but worth every penny you pay.

MAC powder blushes: -
These are classy and elegant and are available in every shade you dream of. Fantastic for beginners as it is cost effective and it promises to be your makeup companion for a longer time. Rs.1080 makes it a perfect steal.

Chanel Irrelle powder blush: -
Its frenzy of a couturier. At an extravagant price it gives the most perfect finish. Of course as said “Good things don’t come cheap.” Costs around Rs.2000 approx.

L’Oreal Blush Delice: -
Best for tropics as the color stays put and feel fresh all the time. They have an intense pigment that flatters the skin really well and are priced at Rs.550 approx.

Shiseido Accentuating powder blush: -
This blush melts into the skin and gives the most natural radiance dreamt of. At Rs.1500 INR its good to see the way it functions.

Shiseido Multi shade enhancers: -
These ergonomically suitable blush palettes come in 5 colors that can be used to highlight and contour. These are the best buys I have had. The dark colors do the best contouring while the lighter ones do the highlighting. The company includes a super soft brush in the packaging which makes it a steal for Rs.2100 INR.

MAC Glimmer Shimmer Liquid highlighter: -
This is perfect for a business woman who has very less time to look after herself. These blushes blend in beautifully and bid pale and washed out skin adieu. The key is to use this liquid blush directly over bare skin or over foundation before powdering. It costs about Rs.1200 INR

Blushes choices should be done on the basis of your skin color, skin type, undertones and most importantly the one that flatters you the most.

Some hints: -

While choosing a blush apply on the fore arm instead of the back of the palm to judge the color. Invest in a good quality blush brush and a kabuki brush to blend the colors well. Never use the brushes given with the packaging though some really might be nice. The trend of mineral blushes shall soon hit Indian lands and then it would be another article.
The blushes that flatter the Indian skin the most are ones with golden undertones and colors like copper, taupe, brick red, plum, wine, apricot, corals etc but please do consider this as a guide and not a prescription.

These are the most amazing blushes that I have come across and used. There are many more but in case your tastes don’t match with me do let me know which is your favorite blush.


  1. very well written article!!just two articles down and im already ur fan!! loved ur writing style, informative content and ur amazing makeup skills!!!

    by the way wht do u think abt benefit tint posie?

  2. Purely informative..loved the article!


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