Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fresh Revolution with Lilac

The predicted color of the season (spring and summer)is lilac and I’m sure every girl has a lilac eyeshadow in her wardrobe. So I decided to talk on lilac in this post.

Lilac is a wonderful tint of violet formed when you add white into it. Its available in the market in silvery undertones, silvery pink undertones and sometime just to add a little bit of warmth then golden undertones.
But whatever it is, lilac is a shade for all. Any one can use it and carry it with lot of panache. The only issue that we have with lilac is to match the shade of blush and lipstick or lipgloss. It scares me to use lilac all over the face as that would impart a grayish tinge to warm complexions and go unflattering over cool ones. { I might talk a little technical, just in case}
The best colors that go with lilac would be : -
- purple
- pink
- sky blue
- forest or moss green
- shimmery lemon yellow
- brown with a little bit of purple
for eyeshadows

- bright pink
- soft peach
- orangey pink
- golden wash
- silver wash

for blushes


- nude or clear gloss
- flirty pink
- soft peach
- beige
for lip colors

Actually lilac looks good on everyone.Its just that it cannot be used on its own.You need to master the techniques of contouring and shading.


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