Sunday, February 17, 2008

Product review on: - L'Oreal Star Secrets Makeup Kit

L'Oreal star secrets makeup kit is a blessing to all women-on-the-go (business women).

This high utility palette comes with all the things that you need to take with you in the most compact form you can imagine. Not bigger than a pocket dictionary this baby carries 3 coordinated eyeshadows in a base, contour and highlight; a shimmery glittery lipstick and a blush, all in one.
The best part is that L'Oreal has shown tremendous concern towards women of different race and colors and that’s how the palettes are designed to flatter any complexion.The palettes available in India are Kerry Washington, Eva Longoria and Penelope Cruz with their signature looks described on the palette.The master creator behind all this is L'Oreal's world famous makeup artist James Kalliardos. They have even given hints and ideas for DIY looks.

With the star secrets kit you can do a lot number of looks depending upon the demands of the occasion. The only thing I didn’t like about the kit is the blush. The blush is too dark for any complexion and looks a little patchy. It streaks on application and can be used only as a cheek contour due to the very dark color.
I feel that L’Oreal should consider this and improve on the make of the blushes.

These palettes are available at leading stores for a price of Rs.650 INR


  1. I can't believe they didn't make one for Aishwarya, I would be totally over it if they had :(

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