Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lancome Ombre Glacee - an eye shadow with a cool edge

World wide launches from Lancôme take some time to come to India and so did the LUCI collection which hasn’t still launched here. But from I could grab my hands on one of their earlier launches Ombre Glacée in Vert Bohol which is a liquid gel eyeshadow drying down as powder that hasn't arrived in India as yet {SAD}.
Never have I seen such a unique product (at least in India). This eyeshadow blends flawlessly on your eyes and dries down to an opalescent finish playing with light as much as it can. It feels cool on application may be due to the menthol it contains and gives a very 3 dimensional finish. It illuminates the eyes and makes them look ethereal.
What I loved is the durability as well. This baby won’t budge or move until you make some really desperate attempts to get it off. Another thing is that it remains fresh and looks newly applied all the time.
I tried using it as an eye base for powder eyeshadows but wasn’t very impressed as the eyeshadow itself is very shiny and playing with colors on it is almost impossible and so was the blendability of the powder eyeshadow. So as per lancome’s artist’s suggestions on their UK website I could use it as a top coat over any of the fantabulous color design eyeshadows.
A very unique product with an airy light texture, this is going to be a product in every woman’s purse during summers.

Application tips from Lancôme artists: -
To be applied in light-catching touches on the arch of the eyebrows and the inner and outer corners of the eyes to enlarge eye expression. Or apply over the whole width of the root of lashes.Ombre Glacée can also be used as a top coat over a Color Design eye-shadow to coat it with a cool icy vinyl look.

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