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Mascara Chronicles

Thick fanned out lashes is every woman’s dream. Some are blessed naturally and some take the help of a beauticeutical. But what all women all over the world swear by as a key to stunning makeup is a mascara.
Mascara has always been a cosmetic product in R&D all the time. Beauty companies do the largest amount of research in developing a MASCARA as it happens to be the most commonest accessory in a makeup bag.
As a makeup artist, survival would have been difficult if mascara wasn’t there. Mascaras do have a lot of history behind them. Maybelline was the first brand to make a mascara out of Vaseline and Helena Rubinstein, the makeup maven gave the world it first wand in a tube mascara. What a golden day in the beauty industry!

Today with almost millions of mascaras available, shopaholics are in a fix and end up buying several mascaras out of which one turns out to be the best. Each company promises something different and something unique and grab the market. Some ladies that I have seen have been using the same mascara brand for almost 10 yrs (if we’re not forgetting the enormous success of Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara) which is one of the best sellers even today.

Anyways I’d like to make mascara purchasing easy for you with certain tips to buy mascaras and what do we want from them. As previously said, some women (like my mom) are blessed with naturally luscious and long lashes. They hardly have lash-falls and the lash hairs really grow long. But some women have scanty and sparse lashes with a very short lash span. Mascaras these days cater to both the above situations and something more than that as well.
Now a days mascaras are fortified with pro vit B5 and green tea extracts to condition the lash follicle and strengthen the lash. It does work at times but girls use very harsh make removers or sometimes none which weakens the lash all the more.

Inventions have targeted the formulations, the shape of the brushes and of course the tube. They have brought in lash primers that coat the lashes and add volume to scanty ones. So many things happening and yet we are still confused.
So lets see how to buy a proper mascara…

Ask yourself a few questions before entering into the store as we don’t want to fuss out over there.
1.What are my needs and what do I want my mascara to do for me?
2.Do I wear lenses or have sensitive eyes and would my mascara make my eyes water?
3.Am I going to use a mascara everyday or only for special occasions?
4.If I have to try out a color mascara what eye color is mine and what would bring out my eyes best?
5.Most importantly, what is my budget? How much should I invest in mascara?

These are some questions that would come into an average woman’s mind before shopping. Girls enter a store to look for some eyeshadows and end up buying mascara. Funny isn’t it? But true. Coz I have seen many of them doing that. Actually it’s a good practice because mascaras age very fast and have one of the shortest shelf lives.
I’d divide mascaras according to the purpose they serve and shall give you all a comprehensive list of my most favorite mascaras in each category. Of course I’d be talking about the ones available in India only.

Lengthening Mascara: -

- They add lengths to the lashes by accentuating the tips of lashes a little further. Tiny nylon particles coat the lashes and lengthen the tips to give an over all appearance of a long lash. Today girls prefer other mascara types as these mascaras don’t add any volume or body to the lash.
- The most famous mascara in this category would be YSL’s Everlong Mascara, Lancôme Hypnose, MAC Fibre Rich mascara etc.

Curling Mascara: -

- They make the lashes appear curly thanks to the protein base in the mascara that dries off and pull the lashes behind.
- It could be a substitute for people who are scared of eyelash curlers.
- They have crescent shaped brushes to accentuate the curls
- Famous is YSL Infinicurl and Lancôme Virtuose

Volumising Mascara: -

- Most famous formulation liked by everyone as they dramatically improve the lash volume. These mascaras generally have a lengthening and curling formula in it.
- The best mascaras in this category are YSL Faux Cils, Lancôme Fatale, DiorShow mascara, Dior Blackout, MAC’s Plushlash, Mascara X, Prolash and Zoomlash mascara etc. The list is endless.

Drugstore brands hold the nicest mascaras as well. Max Factor Masterpiece mascara priced at Rs.380 INR was voted as the best mascara all over Europe and has boosted their sales like anything.

Women in India are scared of mascaras as they tend to run out in the extreme climates. But here’s a fix. A waterproof mascara does the job better or mascara sealants like the one from Clarins helps a washable mascara face the challenges of the environment.
A word of caution would be to buy an eye makeup remover along with your mascara as heavy scrubbing and cleansing can damage lashes.

Please do ask any queries if you have……


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  1. Hello Dr Neerav,

    Its a pleasure to read your tips n guidelines for all women . I came across your profile in the Orkut Community threads and must say appreciate teh excellent work , really look upto your trait of sharing knowledge without any strings attached.Honestly very commendable ..Orkut did lead me to your blogs posted and is a sure good read for beauty crazy mortals like me..

    I love dressing it up and i believe make up is an art and to perfect it ,its a learning curve always . I definetly vouch for your advise on MAC Zoomlash MAscara . I reside in Bangalore and the MAC showroom was an eyeopener but am pretty confused what to buy.I have a query which I would be most obliged if you could answer for me . .

    I am wheatish fair and have combination skin with T Zone oily . ( forhead n nose n areas around my nose n lil part of my cheeks. Could you suggest the best cleanser make up Base /Foundation or rather all the best products for my skin ( eyeliner , pencil , shadow, blush etc) .I use Garnier facewash for sensitive skin .

    Your tips would take me a longway. I have messed up trying products all over ..

    Please advise

    Best Regards

    Reena Karumbaiah


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