Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring 2008 Look#2 SPRING NIGHTS

All the time everybody talks about spring makeup which happens to refer Day makeup. For springy evenings a touch of sophistication added to the spring colors creates enough drama. Pat McGrath, the world renowned makeup artist advised on adding smoky grays and blues to last years’ eye popping spring palette which already had vivid colors.

So I decided to do a look for spring evenings.
We’d need the following things: -

Lancôme Aqua Fusion Tinted Moisturizer (not shown in the picture)
Lancôme Effacernes Concealer (again not shown)
L'Oreal Paris trio eyeshadows in Linda Evangelista and Jane Fonda
MAC Barbie Loves MAC eyeshadow in Mothbrown LE (Disappeared)
MAC Mascara Primer
MAC Mascara PlushLash in PlushBlack
Random brushes for applying eyeshadows and blush
CoverGirl Lipslicks Gloss in Princess (a bubbly pink)

On a moisturized face dab on some tinted moisturizer and blend well in downward and outward direction. Since we want a sheer coverage, apply just where it is needed to add color and a luminous glow. Dot on some concealer and dab on to get rid of under circles and blemishes if any. Since Lancome’s Effacernes Concealer is water proof and hydrating, it won’t budge even during party hours. Dust a wee bit of translucent powder to keep the concealer in its place.

I got this wonderful palette online at owned by JLo’s makeup artist Scott Barnes called Chic Palette in Posh. This blush is a pinkish peach blush which goes on like silk on the skin to give a very sheer finish. It just makes the skin glow and flush from within. Since its summer, powder blushes are safest compared to crème and liquid blushes that have a great ability of causing beauty hazards. Dust on the lights pink from the palette on the apples followed by some highlighter preferably with a fan brush. You can use a contouring color under the cheek bones to add more definition.

L'Oreal has brought these fantastic neutrals in the market for spring and they are very user friendly.
Dust a beige-pink highlighter from the Jane Fonda on the brow bone. Dust the bone color from Linda Evangelista Palette all over the lid. Pat and flick for the color to hold on well. Mix the two colors with a blending brush. In the outer third of the upper and lower lid apply some dark brown and blend. With a smudge brush apply a charcoal color again from the same palette on the outer third just near the lash line. Apply Mothbrown color into the crease and blend upwards. To add extra drama, apply the charcoal color in the upper and lower inner corners of the eyes. On the remaining middle third of the lower lid apply the bone color. Blend in to hide any lines of demarcation. Jane Fonda Palettle
Linda Evangelista palette

Curl the lashes and apply lash primer. Apply 2 coats of PlushLash Mascara to have full length sexy lashes and don’t miss out on the lower lashes.
To add on to the drama line the inner rims with a beige-gold pencil.

To keep the balance, keep the lips understated. Condition with a lip balm, apply a lip primer in case of uneven colored lips and just dab on some CoverGirl Lipslicks in Princess for a girl bubbly pink shine.

This look can be paired with a flowy evening gown or anything that suits the makeup.

Hope you like the look. Do try it at home and have a sizzling evening.
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Pip pip!!

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