Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring is on the Way

Spring 2008 is on its way. This counts for changes in our routine to adapt to the warm environments. This includes different clothes, different makeup and a different skin care regimen. Since the summers in tropics go to extremes there is a must have list to be planned out for this season. Since I happen to be a beauty expert let me limit myself to the beauty part of it.
Since summers are hot and some what humid in India, certain changes are mandatory in our diets and skin care practices. Let’s see what we can do this spring: -

For people with oily skin, summer happens to be their sworn enemy. For them it’s a must to use a purifying cleanser or face wash that would remove impurities and help clear clogged pores. A toner could be optional or could be completely avoided as harsh toners are known to strip the skin of the oil (sebum) and thus cause imbalances and overproduction. Instead it’s good to use a mattifying moisturizer preferably with a SPF of 15 and above depending upon the time of sun exposure. I’d recommend investing in a very good brand as they make very skin friendly products.

For people with dry skins, this is the best time to use a light moisturizer followed by a sunscreen. Try using hydrating serums as they help replenish our moisture levels plus correct the damage done by environmental pollutants.

Using an under eye cream will let you combat with signs of fatigue and stress in the under eye area.

Where as makeup is concerned, follow the dictum “Less is more”.

Makeup primers are much in vogue. They not only hold onto the make up but also prevent the oils in the skin from reacting with your foundation and turning it dark. A tinted moisturizer is a very good option for summers as it goes smooth and sheer and still provides some color and coverage. Liquid foundation can be mixed with a daily moisturizer to make a tinted one.

To maintain hydration levels in the skin face mists can be used to infuse the skin with moisture. They contain Chamomile which soothes and most of the times dissolved collagen and elastin.

For eye makeup: -Use pastels and shimmery shades that would play with light. Pastel shimmers ranging from beige, baby pink, pink, lilac, powder blue, sky blue, mint, peach and light orange give a very breezy airy light sensation that is flattering. Kohl hasn’t gone out of fashion. The only thing is it isn’t distinct. Smoked up eyes are in but in a subtler way and should be reserved mostly for evenings. Waterproof mascara becomes a staple during sunny days and can be even used during swimming. Since orange is the color of the season an orange eyeshadow is a must have. Choose an orange that would look subtle on your complexion and enhance it. Avoid matte colors. I learnt a new trick of applying a matte eyeshadow in 2 layers and topping it with a light or any other colored eyeshadow t get a duo toned effect with highlights and lowlights. I know it’s too complicated but I reserve it for makeup artists.

Apply subtle peach or orange shimmer on the cheeks to accentuate them. One of my fav blushes happens to be APRICOT which adds enough warmth to the overall makeup yet makes you look cool. Bronzers with a subtle hint of orange or red are most welcome this season. But I wouldn’t recommend a beach look as it’s become too passé.

Lipsticks and lipglosses in shades of warm beige, corals, apricots, orange-golds and even yellows are in this season and luckily all these colors compliment Indian skins. In case you happen to be confused try the best of all of them that is “peach”.

Girls can use flowery and fruity perfumes with an aura of feminism to it. Boys should wear fragrances with citrus, leaf or watery notes to beat the heat.

I’d suggest teaming up contrasting colors like purples with oranges to create the perfect spring look.

Please do ask any questions if you have them.

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