Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring look 2008 #1 The Beach Fairy

Its spring and summer is going to arrive soon. So I thought of doing a look that is in transition in between the two. This look is for all those gals (women) who have thrown a beach party or a garden party in the name of spring.

For this look we’d need: -

Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel + SPF (not shown)
The Body shop All Over Glow
Lancôme’s Bamboo Sun Bronzing powder
Stila All Over Shimmer Highlighter in #3 and #5
Shiseido Luminizing powder trio in Apricot or as per the complexion type
L'Oreal trio for Blue Eyes in Jane Fonda
Max Factor MaxEye Shadow in African Violet
Lancôme Fatale mascara
Bourjois Effet Duochrome pencil in Violet Rose #59
Random eye and cheek brushes


Since the summers are sweaty and hot the coverage would be least. Just a wee bit of tinted moisturizer with lot of sunscreen. Donning a fake tan would be a good option but only if needed. Try slightly orange based tans or something that imparts a slight coppery glow without going over the top. What I did on a model is prep the skin with Clinique’s DDMG and then dab on some All over Glow tinted moisturizer to give a subtle glow and dewy finish. Powder the under eye area and the T zone if required. Use an All over shimmer highlighter over the cheeks and lips to add subtle touches of bronzed rose and coppery color. This is the essence of the look to keep everything minimalist yet look dramatic.
The key is to dab on color working it from the apples to the temples. Since its all over color, it can be used over lips for a metallic tint. With a kabuki brush dust or precisely a fan brush dust the Lancôme bronzer for an added warmth to the complexion. This gives an effect of a sun tan. Dust some in the contours of the cheeks and all the place where the sun is likely to kiss you.
With a full body brush, this bronzer can be dusted on the areas that catch the sun (and of course attention) like collar bones, cleavage, décolleté, shoulders, arms and legs.

The all over shimmer highlighter works great as a lipstick and gives a tint of color on the lips to keep them subdued.

Playing with luminous colors that contrast each other can be done to make an eye-statement. Contrasting colors are eye catching and make a trend. Dust the whole lid and the brow bone with a nude bone shimmer from the L'Oreal trio. Apply the taupe color from the trio in the crease and outer corner of the upper lid and blending in the outer third of the lower lid to create a soft smokey eye that is not very dramatic. In the inner corners apply the beige-pink eyeshadow to open up the eyes.
On the lid dust some dark lilac color from the African Violet trio. Since the color is translucent the bone color should be seen through it to give a subtle duo chrome effect.
Line the lash lines of the upper and lower lids with Bourjois effect duochrome pencil to make the eyes ooze sensuality and drama. Use some in the inner rims to add dimensions and enhance the shape of the eyes.
Curl the lashes and finish with dollops of Fatale mascara to create dramatic lengths and curves.

The contrast that is seen here is with Violet and Pink on the eyes contrasting with the orange and coppery tints on the cheeks and lips.

To carry this sensual look you need to dress up accordingly and mainly accessorize.
Hope you’d do this look and please don’t forget to mail me the pictures on : -

I’d love to hear from you.


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