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Summer beauty: - BASE MAKEUP Foundations

Girls and women go paranoid over the makeup faux pas that happens during the summers. The foundation runs, powder streaks and a hideous cakey appearance rules the summer heat. At such times we tend to get scared of using anything and just leaving the skin bare. But again skin face atrocities of the sun so the dilemma still remains.
So I decided to do a post on base makeup for summer season and of course continuing it a little bit to the rainy season as well.

There is a drastic change in makeup techniques and natural skin is just the next thing. A glowing skin has always ruled the ramps but in reality it’s a mattified skin which steals the show and everything around.

I won’t be able to discuss the ways to get rid of blemishes as this is beyond the scope of this article but soon shall be writing about it.

In summer the foundation has to go sheerest, probably just a hint of color and coverage. What rule the summers are tinted moisturizers, powder foundations, mineral foundations and liquid foundations in the sheerest coverage! Cosmetic companies put in lot of research into development of advanced formulas that could mimic natural skin as far as possible. So don’t you think it’s our right to know about them?

When it comes to foundation the pricier it is the better it performs. Really. After doing a lot of market research I came to this conclusion. Brands like Lakme and Revlon would be good for those who haven’t tried something new in their life or don’t want spend on themselves. Their undertones don’t match and that’s the reason they go grey on our Indian complexions and look muddy and blotchy in photographs.

What should an ideal foundation be: - the one which gives an almost natural finish mimicking skin, disappears into the skin as if not present, matches the undertones perfectly, gives an overall flawless appearance, hides tiny blemishes on the skin, doesn’t break or slip, settles within minutes without going heavy and cakey etc. Cosmetic companies use these parameters to research new and improvised formulas.

Let’s leave the gyan behind and see what’s good this summer…

- Smashbox Backdrop Cooling Tint with SPF 15

This baby is a wonder product especially to beat the summer heat. On application as a base or just as a highlighter on any foundation it gives a magical cooling effect for 15 mins to reveal your fresher side. I used SMASHING 0 to achieve a sun kissed glow and yet feel cool and it did the work. Btw an added extra benefit is the SPF of 15. Cooling tint also comes in colors to provide a sheer coverage like a tinted moisturizer. Though this isn’t a new product yet I find it extremely handy this summer.

- Shiseido the Skincare Tinted Moisture Protection with SPF 20

It’s a boon for working women as it provides sheer color and coverage where as it acts as a sunscreen and a moisturizer. This light weight product blends like next skin and goes on fantastic. What I hated is that it comes only in 4 colors but the plus point is the sunscreen. Just a light application of loose powder and voila!

- Lancôme Aqua Fusion Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15

I have already written about this wonderful concoction and wont get tired writing. I loved the product for its airy feel and its glides on like silk. Although its targeted for all skin types I felt unusually oily and sticky but then the key was to use a very tiny amount. Anyways I’ll keep learning from my mistakes.

- Chanel Mat Lumiere Long lasting Matte Fluid makeup with spf 15

It’s a double duty product coz as its name states; it mattifies and yet gives a luminous glow. Chanel has always been a choice for their wonderful foundations and this one had proven it right again. What I love is that a very little quantity of product goes a long way. It stays fresh for many hours without creasing or breaking or cracking and provides a luminous finish enough to make your friend jealous. Plus it comes in many shades so no injustice. It may not be a steal money wise but yet its fantastic performance wise

- MAC Cosmetics Studio fix Fluid

Are you an ardent MAC user? Are you addicted to MAC’s Studio fix powder foundation? Then you must try this baby. It’s a Studio fix fluid which gives a very beautiful matte finish. While providing a sheer to medium coverage it hides imperfections and mattifies the skin keep any shine at bay. you can use studio fix powder over it but with experience I feel that if you use the fluid then apply the powder a shade lighter than your skin color as you might tend to look dark.
You can even use MAC mineralize skin finish natural for an absolutely natural finish without suffocating your skin.

- MAC cosmetics Select Tint spf 15

Its one of the sheerest foundation this professional brand has. Its unique blend of products does wonder according to the needs of your skin and yet add flawlessness. Its feels like there’s nothing on.

- Dior HydrAction Deep Hydration Skin Tint SPF 20

This is new in the race of tinted moisturizers. I haven’t tried it but I’m sure Dior won’t fail to enchant us again.

Some other best buys would be: -
- Stila cosmetics Illuminating tinted moisturizer
- YSL’s Matt Touch
- YSL’s Teint Parfait complexion enhancer
- Lancôme Teint Idole foundation
- Max factor Miracle touch foundation that turns into powder for a unique and innovative finish.

Since tinted moisturizers are raising trends its better to opt them as the results could be experienced rather than explained.

Flawless, effortless and light weight makeup is a technique that could be mastered with right tools like foundation brushes and sponges. I hope these above mentioned products would help you make decisions without going wrong.
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