Sunday, April 27, 2008

Summer Beauty Unveiled and Continued

This is a continuation of the previous post as I got to see some more stuff that might be useful.
MAC cosmetics launched their N collection LE which is a tribute to all nudes (in cosmetics only). I generally don’t write much about MAC because of the snobbish makeup artists that have airs all the time. They just make the whole shopping experience filthy and irritating.
Btw what grabbed my attention was their Charged water spray and I simply got smitten over it. Such an innovative product though of course MAC is known for that.
This is the description from their site: -

Charged water, fused with vital ions from rhodochrosite to create a powerfully protective hydrating mist to help defend the skin from environmental aggression. Packed with anti-oxidants, its peach-toned hue is imparted by the rhodochrosite itself. Its aroma, is a gentle blend of grapefruit mandarin.

Isn’t it nice? Forget the science and use this to enhance your complexion keeping environmental aggressors at bay. I’d recommend spraying on whenever and wherever needed. You can test in front of a smoker (just kidding). Its better to use it after your regular sunscreen or moisturizer with sunscreen to lock in moisture and create a film to avoid pollutants from damaging your skin.

This is a wonderful fixer and so is Fix + Spray that I use very often to hydrate my skin and yet feel clean and fresh. There is something about these facial mists that I love and splurge on and hope you do the same.


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