Friday, May 2, 2008

Color Me Colorless with Colorless Intelligence

Have you felt the dust on a butterfly’s wing?
Have you seen sand sparkling over a hot desert?
Have you seen the way light plays over a sea shell or a soap bubble?

Mother Nature knows scattering light over transparent substances and above are some examples of this beautiful phenomenon. At Lancôme Laboratories, scientists worked on this phenomenon to create a very futuristic cosmetic line called L.U.C.I.
LUCI is an abbreviation for Luminous Colorless Color Intelligence, a futuristic product based on the “Photonics”, a study of light and color which happens to be a brainchild of Gucci Westman Neville, the International Artistic Director of Lancôme. The celebrated makeup artist was captivated by the beauty of sand, the iridescence of shells and the play of light on water at different beaches around the world and turned to the labs to bring her inspiration to reality. Flirty and sophisticated, this photonic technology showcases the iridescent color that is found on a butterfly’s wing.

Beauty and Technology

Iridescent color is the result of an optical phenomenon where hues of an object change color based on light interference and viewing angles. Iridescent color is not composed of pigments and is therefore sometimes called “colorless color.” Lancôme Advanced Research created a patented invention that is able to interpret particles of colorless color and incorporate them into makeup products to create “photonic” makeup.

The formula of this makeup looks white to the eye, but when applied to the skin or on top of another product, it creates a spectacular transformation. Each of the colorless color particles acts as tiny light chambers, capturing and intensely refracting light for an iridescent finish. The pure and intense halo of color that is produced reflects rose, blue, coral or green hues, enhancing lips, eyes and skin. Depending on one’s complexion, the halo of color changes; when a photonic product is placed on fair skin it transforms into an iridescent and pastel shade, while on darker skin, it becomes deep and intense. This magic varies in various lights and as a result you have a single product that can look different in different surroundings. It’s the future of makeup, isnt it?

Innovative Packaging

LUCI comes in one of the most innovative and out of the world packaging. The oyester shell like packaging that they have used for the eyeshadows in exquisite. It even has a the Lancome Rose emblem from which the shell like appearance begins.

So what has LUCI to offer Indian women?

Indian women have one of the most amazing skins in the world. The golden undertones and beautiful almond eyes that adorn indian girls enable them to carry any makeup. LUCI offers an array of colors that would flatter Indian complexions and gives them a chance to reinvent themselves. The bronze duo limited edition eyeshadow is in the list of must-haves. With LUCI, I’m sure Indian women would get a chance to re-invent themselves, a chance to see the future of makeup. The Ombre Glacee which is a liquid highlighter and eyeshadow would flatter any skin and compliment any eye shape. I’d suggest using them as highlighters on the high areas of the face to open them up. With the limited edition lipgloss one can add a new dimension to the lips and plump them up.

Mr.Stafford Braganza,Head Makeup Artist, Lancome, India

What has Stafford Branganza, Head Makeup Artist at Lancome, India got to say about the collection?

According to Stafford, LUCI is for any Indian woman who wants to explore her flamboyant side. The chic and sophisticated packaging makes it a collectible item with the colors within to die for. The best part is the utility of the product. The eyeshadows are buildable and can easily migrate from a day to an evening wear. The highlighters in the collection are simply marvelous. This magical collection brings a futuristic glamour in the world of makeup. Seeing a color from something colorless is nothing less than magic and LUCI would do full justice to it. Its a wonderful concoction of beauty and technology.

What is LUCI offering us?

Though LUCi was launched world wide, they have had certain shades launching in certain countries and India is lucky enough to get the most of them.

L.U.C.I Eyes – Light Color in Motion Eye Shadow Duo

a stunning shell-shaped eye shadow compact holds two shadows, a beautiful bronze and a photonic shade. Use the photonic shadow over the bronze color to create a unique third shade. Or use the photonic shade on its own to create a luminous look. Available in Ray of Apricot Light, Ray of Purple Light and Ray of Green Light.

Photonic – Illuminating Powder Brush Face

This glowing, translucent photonic loose powder can be used to sculpt the face or add a sheer veil of radiance. Available in Ray of Apricot Light.

Ombre Glacée – Cooling Gel Illuminator Eyes

This creamy, cooling eye shadow can be used alone or blended over another color to highlight and brighten the eye area. Apply the light texture over your eyelid and up to the brow bone or experiment by bringing it from the eye down to the cheekbone to create a beautiful aura that lights up the face. Available in Ray of Pink Light, Ray of Apricot Light and Ray of Bronze Light

Color Fever Gloss – Sensual Vibrant Lip shine

Make a statement and use the photonic gloss as a topcoat over lipstick or one of the two new shades of Color Fever Gloss to transform shades into intense, brilliant colors. Available in Seashell

Color Fever Shine – Sensual Sheer Color. Vibrant Shine.

Revamp your lips with two new lipsticks. Use the photonic shade by itself for a reflective lilac effect or place over the deep raspberry shade for a dazzling, luminous result. Available in Luminous (photonic shade),Fuschia De Nova and Desert Pink.

Traceur Design –Illuminating Long-Lasting Eyeliner Soft Brush

An eye liner with photonic lilac reflections to line the eyes and make them sparkle. Available in: Ray of Purple Light.

I got a sneak peak at the collection before it launched here and I was enthralled. Btw you would be able to buy LUCI only from the exclusive Lancôme Boutique in Saket, New Delhi. So call your friends from there or pack your bags and go there and have a glimpse. I’m sure you’ll love it.
PS: - some references are from Lancome’s official site.

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