Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day - a makeup treat for my mom

Happy Mothers Day to all.
I love my mother the most and hope you do the same. Generally we celebrate by going out for dinner with the family and that’s why I did this look for her.
So I’m going to show you a look Tom Pecheux inspired from YSL Summer Spring 2008 collection. Minimalism in its true sense, yet very modern and something our mothers could carry very easily.

What you’d need: - (the prices have increased due to VAT and extra duties so I won’t be able to post the information on product rates)

- YSL Perfect Touch Radiant Brush Foundation*
- YSL Touché Éclat No.2 ( for my mother)*
- YSL Teint Parfait Complexion Enhancer no.3*
- YSL Matt & Radiant Pressed powder in #3 Pink Beige
- YSL Poudre De Soleil in #2 Golden Sun
- YSL Touché Blush in No.2 Coral
- YSL Pop Stick Blush in No.2 Strawberry/Raspberry*
- YSL Duo Lumiere E/S in #1 Heavenly Beige/Astral Brown*
- YSL Dessin Du Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil in #3 Glazed Brown
- YSL Long Lasting Eye Pencil in #11 Wood Brown and #2 Glacier White*
- YSL Faux Cils Mascara in #5Burgundy*
- YSL Lip twins in #6 Pink Harmony*
- Smashbox cosmetics Brushes

It’s not because it’s a YSL inspired look that I’m using their makeup. Its because my mother loves this brand a lot.
I’m using them as a professional and don’t worry if you feel like skipping some steps. I’m sure you’ll still look radiant. The products marked with * are the ones that are really important.

The look: -


Since the complexion is matte I used YSL’s Hydra Feel Oil free moisturizer and smoothed it over my mum’s skin. The nicest thing about this moisturizer is that it is so light weight and airy and really moisturizes well and doesn’t leave an oily residue. I massaged it into her skin for a good hydration level and just to improve facial circulation. This also works as a makeup base due to silicones in it. Then I smoothed out the foundation all over her face using a foundation brush and then blended with my fingers to push and blend the product. This foundation just disappears into the skin and imparts a lovely healthy complexion. Since the foundation is long lasting it is very good for parties and in the evenings it tends to reflect the soft lights in all directions giving a perfect flawless face.

My mum hardly has under eye circles (owing to my expertise) so I applied just a teeny bit of my holy-grail of makeup, touché éclat concealer. I dabbed it into the skin and set with some pressed powder using a blender brush.

Then with a foundation brush I applied some complexion enhancer onto the area where light naturally hits the face i.e. on apples of cheeks, bridge of the nose, centre of the forehead and chin. I loved their new spring 2008 collection and used a tiny bit of their pop stick blush on cheeks to give a radiant glow. It feels cool on touch and mum loved it because of the cooling sensation which is important in these days of summer heat.

Since the idea of the theme was to have a semi matte and yet glowing radiant complexion, I dusted the pressed powder liberally on her face and applied a little more of the matte part on the T zone to combat any oiliness. I used an extra fluffy powder brush to do this and then used a larger kabuki brush to blend.

Then to add a little warmth to her complexion with a (Lancôme) buffer brush I dusted some bronzing powder in the contours of her face and the jaw line. Subtle dusting of a coral blush added the required warmth on my mum’s face and she liked my soft fan brush even more.


I used the touché éclat concealer as an eye base. Dusted a little bit of powder and started the eye makeup. Firstly I lined the upper lid in a thin line using a chocolate brown pencil. I smudged it using a smudger brush to give softness to the look. In the crease and outer corners I subtly dusted a bronzy brown eyeshadow with a fluffy eyeshadow brush and blended it towards the brow bone. On the entire upper lid, inner corners of the eyes and the brow bone I dusted a sparkling beige eyeshadow to create a halo of light and still make the eyes appear softly made and radiant. These colors make my mom’s hazel brown eyes really stand out. I used a glacier white eyeshadow in the inner rim of the lower lid and blended some brown pencil in the outer corners to define the eyes.

Since the brow is really defined I used their ergonomic eye brow pencil to fill in my mum’s brows and then used the spool on the other end of the pencil to give it a nice shape. I hate unkempt brows and prefer grooming them as a first priority.

Since my mother has naturally long and luscious lashes I used some burgundy colored mascara to make her eyes pop out. I liked the deep brown red color which brings out the green from my mom’s hazel eyes and enhances her fair peaches and cream complexion.


My mother is a big fan of pink lippies and even after coaxing her for a warm paprika reddish plum lips she opted for the pink look. So I used the pinkish beige matte color from the lip twins lip duo and then used the pink gloss as an accent on the centre of the lips of course using a lip brush.

And voila my mum was ready for the evening dinner. She is not into much of hair styling so some hair clips and a dazzling beige saree completed the look.

Please let me know your comments if you’d like to try this look. Btw hope you’d a great Mothers Day Celebration.


PS: - please adjust the complexion shades as per your skin tone and color. Beauty experts at the YSL counters in Mumbai will help you with this.

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