Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Introduction to my brushes....

Blame my computer and the technology for not letting me access my blog… sad isn’t it?
Btw I’m back again and shall be posting new things again. Let’s get over the things that I’d left last time. It’s all about brushes and they are the most important tools that you’d need to apply makeup better. They occupy an important place in my vanity case as they help me do my job in a better way.
Let me talk about them……

#1 is a tiny brush with equal amounts of natural and synthetic bristles that can be used to apply a crème or a powder eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eyes and its handy enough to fill in matte colors in the brows and of course it can be used on the lower lids to create a smoked effect with any eyeshadow.

#2 is again an unbranded brush that I grabbed from a local makeup store. I use this brush to contour small areas like the sides of the nose and the eye creases. This also helps in blending the product well and can be used to highlight the centre of the nose too. It’s quite a handy brush and does a great job in applying eyeshadows when I just want a “wash” all over the lid.

#3 that is my Body Shop Foundation brush and its one of the best foundation brushes available. Its diamond tipped end allows me to pick products in a better precision and also the amount required becomes less. The bristles help to blend the product really well and I blend concealers, liquid foundations and crème foundations with it all the time. Its an indispensable item in my brush collection and this reminds me to buy some more back ups when next time Body Shop has a sale.

#4 is a Smashbox Foundation brush which I use not only to apply liquid foundations and tinted moisturizers but also creams, moisturizers and complexion perfectors. This is an uncommon practice amongst makeup artists but I believe if we use a foundation brush, it wouldn’t alter the chemistry of the product which could happen if we used our fingers. The only problem with this brush is that after sometime the hair separate and if the foundation is not blended it might streak. The main advantage is that the shape of the brush permits me to apply product even in the hard to reach corners of the face.

#5 is my Lancôme Bronzer brush and does many more things than that. I use it for the sheerest possible applications of loose translucent powder, blushes as well as powder bronzers. The only bad thing is the storage of this brush. Its too big to stay in any brush case so I’ve to specially keep it in a big box and carry it all around but surely I’m going to figure that out too.

#6 is Smashbox Buffer brush and is a boon to the makeup world. It blends everything and you can use it to apply bronzers especially matte ones, dual powders under eyes and to blend the foundation in the hairline. I use it even to contour the face and it’s very handy when you don’t have your blush brush around.

#7 is Lancôme’s Blush brush. Since it is dome shaped it helps in applying a teeniest amount of blush at right places to mimic a healthy flush. It is super soft and super handy. I even use it to apply powder in the under eye area and contour under the cheek bones and jaw line.

#8 is an inexpensive powder brush that I had got from a local store. I somehow love it coz it’s too soft and good. Sometimes after seeing such brushes I wonder why do we buy expensive ones? But you can’t et lucky all the time.

#9 is an unbranded blush brush which fits on the apples of cheeks exactly to create a healthy flush. The reason I bought it because of its tapering shape that dispenses the product really well only on the desired area and it become natural sable hair which is very rare for such an inexpensive brush. Its made by a brand called Beauty Essentials and sold at drugstores. I’ve never used it to apply powder though.

#10 is Smashbox Cosmetics’ Angled blush brush which I use for contouring purposes only.

#11 is Christian Dior professional large eyeshadow brush and happens to be the softest eye brush I’ve seen. It does a wonderful job in highlighting the brow or when I have to apply a sheer wash of any product. Slowly after using it I’ve discovered some more uses of this brush. You could use it for powdering the hard to reach areas, apply highlighters over the heights of cheeks and even over the upper lip.

#12 is a Smashbox blender brush to blend all the harsh lines left in the makeup. It just fits everywhere and is an all purpose brush. Very useful indeed and my best friend during photo shoots.
Sorry I missed on #16 and nobody told me about it...

#13, #14, #15, #17 and #18 are small brushes from MAC’s Antiquitease collection. I’ve not liked their brushes so much coz I get better pay offs from other brands and somehow I find MAC brushes a little tacky at the price they are placed it in India. They are not all that great but I do use them at times when I’m bored with others.

#19 is Smashbox Cosmetics’ Definer brush which I use virtually for all eyeshadows. It does a very good job at blending in the crease and blending of 2 or more colors on the lid.

#20 is a flat brush from Smashbox and I use it to apply powder liners as well blend liners. I use it to define brows and draw really artistic brows at times.

#21 is Shiseido’s Small eyeshadow brush which can be used not only to do eye makeup but also apply streaks of colors in smaller segments and then blend them together in a row. It can be used to highlight the inner corners of the eyes, bridge of the nose and upper part of the upper lip too.

#22 is Smashbox Cosmetics’ Angled liner brush used to drawn lines in a greater precision in the most ergonomic way.

#23 is a Vega brush used to define crease and blend pencil liners.

I bought the Smashbox Brushes from one of their limited editions and they have been with me all the time. Since I'm an aspiring makeup artist and have just entered the trade now, I'm sure I'll be buying a lot more. The only disadvantage is that India doesnt have many brands but I'm sure most of them are on their way.
These are not only my tools but also my companions while I create some memorable looks. The magic is evoked as soon as you start using them. With makeup brushes I use them everywhere and I’d suggest everybody to think out of the box while using them.

I’m going to feature some more brushes next time and they are soon to come or be bought….till then hope you’ve the ones in my stash…


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