Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Photography makeup chronicles

Fashion photography and editorial work is the most enjoyable experience anyone (including a makeup artist) can get. It’s a fun taken to the ultimate levels of creativity.
We work as a team and it’s an amazing thing to see.
Though all this happens the makeup that we do is really heavy and sometimes can look way beyond real. Unfortunately this trend is still there in India and I am not proud to say that. We are still bound with an invisible chain and somehow don’t come out of it.
Well you would wonder what am I talking about?? Well I’m talking about the foundation and the base.
Lets not blame or involve anybody as its too rude to do that.
Let me talk about how to look good in your own photo shoot. We need photographs everywhere right from passport size to I don’t know what all……but are always unhappy as it doesn’t turn out the way we want it.
The most important reason for this to happen is using an improper makeup technique. The lights used in photography are sometimes very strong and can penetrate through the skin accentuating all the flaws of the face. Here we need to create a good base so that our skin looks flawless and real….
In this post I’d be writing the foundations and the methods which I do to make my models look very good in photos….

Step 1
I do a thorough cleansing to remove the last speck of dirt that could be seen on the face. Then I spray a toner spritz to cool down the face and balance the pH. This helps a lot as the acids on our skin might change the color of the foundation making it look dark.
Then I massage on a nice luxurious moisturiser like the one from Etre Belle cosmetics called Sensi plus day & night cream. It feels good and massaging warms up the skin.
Then I use a foundation primer for extra smoothness…

Step 2
After the primer I spray on MAC fix+ spray for a hydrating effect and for the makeup to glide on really well. The foundations I use are generally liquid and not cream when doing makeup. But since a few photo shoots I have started using products that make a lasting impression. Under a base of liquid foundation I use a 3 in 1 stick foundation instead of a color corrector or complexion enhancer. After dabbing the stick foundation on the face I use a damp sponge or fingers for the product to sink in. I apply the stick foundation as a concealer in the under eye area and it gives me better coverage than a regular concealer without going heavy. Over this I apply a layer or two of a high definition foundation and voila! There you have a flawless skin which does not look heavy or made up.
Then just layer of loose powder to fix up the makeup. If any more fixing in the complexion is needed I use the Mac fix+ spray again and powder it with a dual powder like MAC studio fix.

I found some amazing products in the market that I would like to share.

Liquid foundations: -

Etre Belle Cosmetics Water resistant foundation
Lancôme’s teint idole ultra enduring makeup
Loreal tru match liquid foundation
Shiseido dual foundation
Mac studio fix fluid
Dior Forever Extreme wear makeup

Stick foundations: -

Shiseido stick foundation
Loreal stick foundation
And a new discovery of a stick foundation in a gel base from Chambor which glides like water.

Another most coveted product is Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation which is an amazing crème to liquid to powder foundation and gives an excellent natural coverage.

When you do this I can guarantee a clear and clean looking skin very good for photography.

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  1. i love the way you explain everything.this is unlike other beauty blogs where they only discuss the external application.you go into the science of the product which is very appealing


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