Monday, November 3, 2008

The new spelling of Glamour by YSL

YSL this season brings out a magnificent array of colors that would be etched in our minds for a long time. Never did I think that YSL would bring in such a collection. No doubt, it’s the work of makeup artist whom I love and whom we have seen backstage as a key makeup artist to some of the biggest fashion shows in the world, Ms. Val Garland. Val lends her expertise as a creator of color cosmetics for YSL and has always worked on the bold side.
She happens to take the Parisian Chic to a new level with a new dimension. Inspired from the designer YSL’s vision of using bold colors, this time the makeup also takes a vivid dimension.
From one of the most coveted limited edition collection for Fall 2008 is their limited edition tuxedo collection. Yes of course there are other makeup products that need a standing ovation too but this eyeshadow palette stole my heart.
At YSL its all about looking haute couture even though you couldn’t afford the apparel wear itself. The stress this season is on a wonderful sparkling smoky eye that reminds us of the late designer’s passion towards clothes and styling. The palette for me works on an emotional level as well as I had always worshipped the talent and creativity of Yves Saint Laurent. (I still remember how I couldn’t concentrate on my makeup artist’s interview at Clarins that day)
So what did I do for that? I bought this beautiful golden palette to churn out some looks of my own.
This palette called Poudre Collector Pour Le Yeux I’m talking about consists of 3 eyeshadows that are designed to make you look fashion forward and avante garde and add a substance to your makeup style this fall winter 2008. The three eyeshadows making up this iconic palette are black mica, bluish grey and ivory.
These eyeshadows intensify the eyes in shades of black and is an ultimate in creating smoky eyes with the help of these closely connected colors. One thing about this palette is that the luminous ivory stripe mimics the satin stripe of the tuxedo. The formula has an exceptional satin texture thanks to the silica micro spheres which distract light in wide angle creating an ultimate luminous eye with an incomparable radiance giving an amazing graphic interpretation in between light and shadow…
Isn’t it a collector’s edition?
Next time we’d bring this palette to use to create some wonderful looks for the fall season.
Till then

Articles to come ahead: -
-Highly recommended eyeshadow colors from MAC cosmetics without which its impossible for a makeup artist to begin his career.
-Look for the Winter from the makeup house of Shiseido
-Inspirations to create some fantastic looks for the fall season.
-Makeup breakup on R-T-W brands that I love the most.
-Essentials in a makeup bag of a woman who wants to make a fashion statement.

Wait as time gives you its worth…………..

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