Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beauty Splurges,,,,

Hey Guys

I know I’m writing after a long time but I had no choice as I was down with typhoid and took a long time to heal and come back to normal. There is no such topic I’m thinking of right now but I could advise on some smart shopping to be done before Christmas.
Holidays are soon to start and beauty stores are loaded with new stuff that needs prodding.

This Holdiay I’m smitten with colors like Plum and Wine and Silvers and of course winter staples like navy, forest greens and grays. So let me recommend some colors that could be tried out…..

1) Clinique Color Surge Quad in Plum Seduction as a wonderful array of plums and neutrals that make a wonderful palette this season. Plum on eyes is a wonderful treat and I cannot tell how beautiful brown eyes could look. Priced at Rs.1750 INR 2) LancĂ´me Color Focus single eyeshadows….I’m a great fan of these and the colors I’d recommend specially for this season are Platinum Brown and Black Strass…..these colors are best when you want to flaunt some wine colored lippies. Priced at Rs.950 INR
3) Dior Bronze Harmonie shade no.5 Spicy Desert…this rosy and coppery bronzer is ideal to add some winter warmth to the skin when places go really cold. These warm shades just flatter Indian complexions like anything. Priced at Rs.2450 INR
4) Chanel Tweed Blush in Tweed Rose and Tweed Amber….These shades are oh so lovely and look very beautiful. The tweed pattern in which silvers and golds are intertwined and interwoven with a burst of the other colors resembles mademoiselle Chanel’s Tweed Jacket. This is one of the blushes with a choice of building colors and is mediocre pigmented. Sometimes I find these blushes better than MAC for regular makeups as MAC ones are intensely pigmented. Priced at Rs.2200 INR
5) MAC Red she said Mineralize eyeshadows are a must this season and if you don’t have one of these I’d advise you to run and grab at least one today. Rs,1040 INR
6) Clarins Eyeshadow Quads in So Chic and So subtle…..these quads just took my breath away. They are more than fantastic and the pigment quality and colors are very good.
7) YSL Golden lipglosses are just perfect this season (Rs.1260) but my love is towards Chanel’s Levre Scintillante in Sideral….(Rs.1450 INR) which is packed with violet pink shimmer and makes a lovely combo with most of the eye products I talked about…

This is all for now….Shall soon talk about Christmas makeups and what to do for the New year…..

Till then…….

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