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This is the latest collection of the brushes and makeup tools that I'm using and it is increasing day by day...


  1. Hi Neeraj.
    I am Neelam , Am a newbie in eye makeup and got some nice shadows. I am looking for brushes to apply and play with these colors for soft day look and Smoky eye effect as well for the nights. What brushes do you suggest for applying eye makeup. I would really appreciate if could could tell me which ones should I buy.

  2. Hi Neelam,
    I'm happy that u love doing eye makeup.I'd suggest u some brushes that I love and do feel free to invest as this is one of the investments that dont go waste....Some eye makeup brushes that you can buy are...MAC holiday collection adoring carmine eye brush set...It looks like the small MAC ones that I have (silver handle) only the thing is they have red handles...they cost Rs.3250 for 5 brushes which is a steal.I also love Lancome angled eye brush and Shiseido small eyeshadow brush for their precision...My other favorites for smokey eyes is the crease brush from NYX cosmetics and Pencil brush from MAC....Remember to buy synthetic brushes to apply eye primers so that ur eyeshadow lasts longer...i love MAC no 252.....if u looking for a budget brush u can find good brushes in NYX and Beauty Essentials....

  3. Hi Neeraj,
    Thankyou for your Reply.
    I Stay in the US and found the 5 brush set online on MAC's website.
    Is it necessary to buy the other brushes that you mentioned after I buy the 5 brush set ? (the lancome and siesodo ones)
    I am getting a better deal infact- just 40$ for the set so I might definitely buy this. But as I am not into Eye makeup and just getting started I just want to be sure That I buy something that I can use everyday and want to make one time good investment :) So it would really help me if you tell me which exact ones should a newbie go for.
    I am Confused seeing so many brushes :)Can I use the brushes in the set for Smokey eye effect as well ? Since The set is only 40$ i can definitely invest more to buy others, only if necessary, and would help me with good eye makeup and not just stay in my drawer.
    I have been a regular visitor to your site since a couple of months in fact I watch out if you have posted a new article almost everyday. Your blog in awesome and I have even forwarded it to my sis and friends who want to learn about makeup. Waiting for your suggestion

  4. hi Neeraj,
    Neelam here.
    thanks for your response. I am posting a link in here, and it has 2 different sets of 5 brushes in the collection you mentioned. Were you talking about the 5 brush set just for eyes or the basic 5 brush set. I would appreciate if you could have a look at the link posted below (MAC's site) and tell me which one exactly you meant. I am assuming you meant the eye brush set but just want to be sure before I buy. Sorry to ask soo many queries, I am just starting with learning make up. Dont mind :)

  5. Hi Neelam,
    I'm so happy that someone is reading my blog regularly....Its a previlege3...Btw what I write in my blog is not just promotion but also a lot of things about makeup that I know.
    And yes I was talking about the eye brush set and not the basic one (which I was not very happy with)....But since u r staying in USA I'd recommend u to try out Smashbox,Cargo,and Benefit cosmetic brushes as well..U can go to their counters and try them out..If u r on a budget buying spree go for brushes from NYX cosmetics which is a rage in US-And please do read my blog and write comments wherever u can...


  6. Ok Neeraj,Neelam again
    I read one of your articles from last year. I do agree with you that one should go for Quality Items rather than cheap versions. So If you feel Mac brushes are better than NYX, I would definitely go for Mac.
    One thing thats gonna help me is exact brush number :)
    Dont get Irritated with my list of questions, I just need to be sure what I am doing :)
    So If you show me a green flag I will just go ahead and buy the MAC brush set that we talked about earlier unless you have better option. Let me know.

  7. Well...No its not at all are some brushes that you can actually try and buy...I shall give u some options...
    1)MAC Eye brush set $40
    2)MAC 219 Pencil brush which is excellent for smokey eyes
    3)OR you can go on sephora and search for Kat Von D eye brush set for $46....It looks fantastic...
    4)Do checkout some brushes from Paula Dorf....Their brush called Smokied lid is very famous for smokey eyes.
    5)Stila no.#4 Precision eyeliner brush that u can use to smoke a gel based liner like MAC Fluidline...
    6)MAC 224 for crease or even 222 would work...I love both and have used them and soon going to buy them.I also love MAC 213

    These are some options I have..Please have a look at them and then buy them....

  8. Neeraj,
    Mac set has the 209 SE, 212 SE, 217 SE, 252 SE and 275 SE. I am going ot buy these for sure. But could you please guide me as to which brush is used for what ? I Can make out the one with white tip can be used for applying shadow and the flat one for lining the eyes. How are the others used ?

  9. Hi Neeraj,
    Neelam again. Are you available for personal consultation? If Yes what are your fees? My Sis might visit India (not sure) and she might be in mumbai for a day. It would be nice to get consulation from a prof like you. So If at all you do give consultation can you post your availability.
    I thank you for all your suggestions.
    Expect more queries from me in future :) hehehe :)

  10. Its very difficult for me to explain which brush does what as u see the human limitations.But u can always read the description of individual brushes from the MAC website...I'll brief u that...252 is used to apply pigments and emollient bases like UDPP,217 is used for blending and can also be used to apply concealer...209 to used as an eyeliner,.....212 to smudge a pencil liner or gel based liner or an eyeshadow at the lash line...its multipurpose...275 is very good for crease but for a smokey eye effect I'd suggest u buy 219 as well as it helps applying the product with certain ease...

  11. Hi Neelam,
    I do professional consultations and I do charge.For my charges and consultancy you can mail me at as it depends on what you want to learn...
    If u can come personally it would be better..but whatever u feel...

    I might not be able to give prompt replies at times as I'd be working for Clinique in mumbai...

  12. Neeraj, My sis is comming down. I will definitely meet you When I come to india next time probably in 2009.
    Sis also doent use any makeup except compact and lip gloss. she just wants to know about evryday office makeup and a little evening/ party type makeups. Nothing much.
    thanks for your explanation about the brushes.
    It definitely helped me, and I will buy those soon.

  13. Hi Neelam,
    Please mail me on and I'll get back to u regarding the fees and everything if u dont mind.


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