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Christmas Specialsss….

Christmas is on and its another festive spirit after Diwali for me. We enjoy Christmas in the same way we enjoy Diwali. This Christmas its about rich looks and elegance. I’m going to show you two looks that would be quick and easy and beautiful.

LOOK 1 Christmas Angel

This time I am going to use strong colors on my friends may be on eyes or cheeks or lips. I prefer choosing colors that show festivity.
For this look we’d need: -

- Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer
- Dior Forever Extreme Flawless wear foundation
- Dior Hydrating Concealer
- Shiseido Accentuating Stick in S3 Glistening Flush
- MAC Studio fix powder and Shiseido Illuminizing trio powder (not shown in the pic)
- Dior Shimmering Powder in Rose Diamond
- Chanel Tweed Blush in Tweed Amber
- MAC Holiday Collection Passions of Red Warm Eyes palette called Intriguing Scarlet with eyeshadow shades Warm Suede, Grand Entrance, Real Drama, Gentle Heat, Well Spiced and Sweet Joy.
- Lancôme eye pencil in Strass Black
- Lancôme Color Focus mono eyeshadow in Strass Black
- Max Factor Lash Perfection Mascara in Black
- The Body shop Cheek and Lip tint
- Lancôme Juicy Tube in Vanilla Soul
- Shiseido Eye lash curler

This is a very easy to carry and quickly done glamorous look.

after a cleansing, toning and moisturizing regimen I apply Clarins Primer on the areas where it is needed. On the nose, under eyes, on the forehead, sides of the nose and cheeks. This primer does wonders to hide open pores and fine lines, fills them up and is yet non comedogenic. It makes my foundation last longer even though this foundation I’m using does it already.
I take a small glob of foundation and apply it in the centre of the face blending outwards with a foundation brush and then a sponge to soak of any excess and blend at hair and jaw lines. I like to keep the foundation as sheer as possible yet giving a flawless balanced effect. I dab the concealer under eyes only if I need to hide any under eye circles as my foundation does 75% of my work already. I apply the concealer with my small Smashbox foundation brush and then dab it actually. A little bit of concealer goes in the inner area of the upper lid and brow bone. This is the area which is generally ignored and in photographs it might look obvious.
I’ve started blotting the nose even if its not required to prevent disasters. So I use MAC studio fix on the nose, forehead and under eyes to blot and set the foundation there and prevent creasing. Then I apply the creamy pearly Accentuating stick on the heights and apples of the cheeks, bridge of the nose, over the upper lip and as an eyeshadow base to give a bright pearly effect and keep my blushes from fading. You could use an eye primer as well, but sometime I love this as it does not entertain too much of pigment and specially does not crease. Creasing can happen on oily lids where I suggest using Urban Decay Primer Potion or MAC Paint Pot in Painterly.
I do a loose dusting of the luminizing powder to brighten up the complexion, fix the bases and balance any discolorations or uneven color.

For me this is an over all glamorous look so there is focus on everything in some or the other way. I start with the eye pencil around the lashes. This eye pencil has silver glitter particles so I would not advice to put it in the inner rims. I line the upper lash line as well as outer third of the lower lash line. Then I blend it using a crease blending brush. I apply the sparkly black eyeshadow on the outer one third of the lid and blend it in the outer crease as well as on the lower lash line for a smoky effect. Care should be taken while dusting the eyeshadow from the brush as it has a lot of sparkle. Then I take the burgundy plum color from the MAC palette and apply it in the crease blending it towards the brow bone and dragging it almost into the inner corners of the crease. This gives an illusion of cat eye effect. With a flat medium eyeshadow brush I apply the shimmery forest green from the palette all over the lid, taking care to keep the plum and green separate because they might turn into a dark brown and spoil the look. I apply the olive green sparkle in the inner corners and spice up the look. I use the bone shimmer as a highlight on the brow bone. On the lower lash line blend the plum into black in the middle one third and apply forest green in the inner one third of the lower lid. Curl the lashes and use 5 coats of mascara for sky high lashes.

I apply a number of blushes to get the effect I want. First is apply the Tweed Amber blush in the hollows of the cheeks for subtle contours blending into the temples and hair line. I start the contour from the mid way of the hollow going outwards using an angled blush brush. Then I dust the shimmer plum and sparkly pink colors from the shimmery powder palette on the pads of the cheeks or the cheek bones. Over which I highlight using the baby pink highlighter. I use a kabuki brush to slightly blend in the colors to create a diffusion and not demarcation of the blushes. Whatever remains on my brush, I dust only that much blush all over the face to balance the effect. This does not mean loading the brush with extra blush as you might end up looking like a clown. It needs subtle handling.

This is a favorite fail proof technique of mine and I love the way I get the result. I dab on some lip stain on the lips. 4 or more coats to get a lip bitten effect without biting them. The silicones in the formula help to plump up the lips adding an extra advantage. Over this I top on a glittery juice tube and the effect is exuberant.

This is a very conventional look. Let me glamorize it even further.

LOOK 2 Christmas Diva

To be a Christmas diva you need to follow some trends in makeup and make yours out of it.
For this look we’d need: -
- the same face products that I used before
- Shiseido accentuating powder blush in Glistening Brown
- Dior shimmer powder in Rose Diamond
- Dior 5 coleur eyeshadow palette in Tropical Lights
- Lancôme color focus mono intense eyeshadow in Green Bikini
- The Body shop mono eyeshadow in Slate Green
- Lancôme eye pencil in Strass Black
- L'Oreal Carbon Black liquid eye liner
- Shiseido eye lash curler
- MAC prep n prime mascara primer
- Lancôme Fatale mascara
- Lancôme color fever lipgloss in Boogie Brown

Keeping the face makeup the same lets see the decorations.


I use an eye primer from MAC called prep n prime which I forgot to photograph in the picture. This makes my eyeshadows stay a bit longer than usual and not settle in the crease. I start by lining the upper lash line with a pencil liner. Then smudge it with a smudge brush. I use the bronze shimmer from the eyeshadow palette and apply in the outer one third and the crease. Then I use the opalescent pink as a highlight on the brow bones. I gently wash the fluorescent green eyeshadow on the lid to open up the eyes and yet not make a bold statement. This eyeshadow from Lancôme can be layered and that’s what I like about it even if it is that vivid. I line the lower lash line with the same bronze and then apply the iridescent green or silvery taupe from the palette in the inner corners. I trace the liquid liner from inside out as a wing, curl the lashes, apply a mascara primer and 4 coats of Lancôme fatale mascara for a sensational effect. This effect can be seen and I don’t know how can I put it in writing.


The brown blush with subtle pink sparkle gives an amazing festive contour to the cheeks. I highlight using the shimmer powder but use only the light peachy pink and opalescent pink as a highlight on the heights of the cheeks. This brown blush is very versatile in itself and really looks good even when worn alone. Its in contrast to the Chanel Tweed blush which is beigey brown with lots of gold accents. These look very bright and beautiful even if the colors sound dull. Seeing is believing.


I complete the look with Lancôme Color Fever gloss in Boogie Brown which converts into more of a silvery beigey brown shimmer and is very long lasting..

Well these are the looks I have suggested and I could put pictures since I don’t have a regular model. Please feel free to ask questions and do let me know what you did this Christmas…
Till then,

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