Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I never knew neither did anticipate that Dior would make foundations that are so good for Indian skin that I’d actually go and buy one. This happened as a miracle or probably an impulse when I saw this foundation online.
I sometimes like to wear a little bit of color on my face (of course its never obvious and none of my employers have ever realized that I wear a foundation until I tell them sometime due to slip of tongue) and thence I keep on searching for foundations that would help me solve the purpose.
I have my own LancĂ´me Teint Idole and Shiseido Dual foundations in O60 and O40 but somehow I was searching for something more enduring and long lasting and yet a wonderful finish. And one fine day my search ended or that’s what I feel.
While I was browsing through the newly renovated Dior counter in Juhu Shopper stop I managed to lure the SA for some foundation samples and the shade no. 030 suited my skin perfectly well. I would have never dared to shell out Rs.4250 for the foundation she showed me but I was determined after seeing the finish.
Then one day while browsing through I saw this foundation and fell in love with it the moment I read the description. And here is this foundation which I love and wear the most. I mix it with my Clinique or Givenchy moisturizer and voila I have the most perfect form of tinted moisturizer ready to go.

This foundation is called Dior Forever Extreme Wear Flawless makeup and is known to suit all the harshest environmental conditions you could think of. (lately I have stopped thinking after the terrorist attacks at Mumbai, one of the worst experiences in anyone’s life when you lose someone you know.). But this foundation holds true for what its meant to do.

A little amount coming out of the dispenser is enough to last for the whole day and this really gives a medium coverage in just one application. Yet the foundation cannot be built upon in layer as it dries too quickly and could turn cakey or may look heavy.

After a month of application I have actually understood the technique of applying this foundation to achieve the perfect result the company promises. Since the texture is very fluid rather than being goopy, just a little amount goes a long way. Its better to apply the foundation using fingers rather than using a brush. Actually this is one of those foundations that I find uncomfortable to apply with a brush. What I do is after a CTM regimen if I have to go for a seminar or makeup workshop, I take a dime size or even lesser on the back of my hand. Warm it for 2-3 seconds as it tends to dry if more than that and apply it first at the areas I need coverage. These areas generally include under eyes, eye lids, T zone and cheeks. No foundation on chin as the beard area is too prominent there. The only thing is you need to blend very quickly as this foundation doesn’t know how to wait and get blended. It just melts into your skin (of course if you have the right color) and makes you appear flawless. Since it is a heavy duty foundation, the main focus is towards mattified shine free face but after long hours of wearing it in a tropical climate does let the shine come after a few hours of non retouching.

This foundation is somewhat perspiration resistant and does not fade away. It seems to renew itself at times and maintain the flawlessness. The longest time I wore this foundation was for 15 hours and believe me, not a trace of fading. I felt just so proud of myself for getting something like this. Well this foundation is very pricey compared to any other department store foundation and sampling is heavily recommended as the shades could go wrong when Indian skins are concerned.

So here are the pros and cons….
Lovely foundation that gives a mattified medium finish and a distinctive glow to the face. The product comes in a sleek glass bottle which looks very rich and beautiful as all other Dior products. The effect is long lasting and the foundation can be removed with face wash or a cleanser with a wee bit of effort. This foundation is very good for Photography makeup as well in case I mentioned it in my earlier posts.
Btw it is based on Nano technology and I havent really discussed that.
Dries quickly and does not give time to blend. It’s a little costlier than many comparable foundations but worth every penny….

I’d definitely recommend some one to buy this if they are interested.
Suggested Price: -Rs.2550 approximately MRP


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