Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Plum Cakes

This Christmas I got a bit inspired looking at the plum cakes our neighbor gave us for Christmas. We generally fight over those but this time I acted a bit like Archimedes and thought over it. And this is how I have come out with some looks using plums.

Plum is an amazing fruit packed with antioxidants. It has this reddish violet color with some hints of black. But its definitely different from burgundy. When plums are not very ripe they are somewhat crimson in color. When cut this fruit has an inner yellow which is a strong contrast with the outer skin. Nature is so beautiful isn’t it? These fruits start as green and lose chlorophyll and become red. This journey from green to red gives a vivid spectrum of colors but we are thinking something that is truly ripe now.
Well when plums are dried they look like shriveled burgundy black colored things with a glaze and taste wonderful. Reminds me of filling my mouth during hunger pangs that I used to get.

Anyways I’m really fascinated with this color and believe me in any form of makeup colors, plum never goes wrong. Let it be a lipstick or an eyeshadow, plum happens to be one of the safest and beautiful colors to use. I like the plum color in all its forms including matte, shimmer and glitter and now a days my makeup stash is filled with plumy products.

Okay. So lets come to some innovative ideas with PLUM as the main color.
Some looks: -


- I have always paired plums with another favorite color of mine, FOREST GREEN. It makes a lovely pair and if you want a duo chrome effect you could try Shiseido’s Hydro powder eyeshadows. I apply a matte plum eyeshadow in the outer corners and into the crease. Then a shimmery forest green all over the lid and some moss green shimmer in the inner corners of the eyes to open up. It might look a little plant like but its worth it.
- I have paired plums with virtually all shadows and one of the combos is with Lilac. Its gives an aura of sophistication as well chic effect. I love to apply a matte plum in a smoky way and then dust a shimmery pearly lilac over the lid to create a duo chrome effect. Do try it as it looks lovely.
- I love to add a pink gold color when doing a plum makeup and one of my fascinating makeup looks is using an apricot eyeshadow with plum. I was awestruck looking at the effect.
- I have added taupe, beiges and even blues to plum to create various eye effects. One of the best one that I got was using plum with navy blue. It looks dramatic.
- For a versatile effect use multiple colors on the eye lid and a dark plum eyeshadow in the crease. It looks very balancing.
- Did you know there are Plum mascaras in the market? Shiseido and Clarins make them, I guess? They are wonderful to enhance brown eyes. Do a very natural makeup with just some hither thither shine everywhere and don this plum mascara. See the vivid effect it would create.
- When smoky plum adds an aura at night, shimmery plums create a subtle wash for the day. Very lovely.
- Sport them with pinks and see how you add a touch of sophistication in a girly makeup.


- A wash of plum blush brings out any complexion. Only the intensity changes with skin colors and goes from demure flush for fair to vivid stain for dark complexions.
- I have loved Clinique Fresh Bloom blush in Posy.
- Mix plum with a bronzer and have a wonderful interlude of colors. Loved Dior Bronze harmonie in sunshine party.
- Plums have looked wonderful in MAC blushes like Plum du Bois and I’m still regretting for not buying one.


- Plum on lips look like a cherry on cake. I have preferred Plum lipstains which look as if you have chewed beetroot to pulp, to shimmery plum lip glosses.
- Do try Max Factor’s gloss in Plum Shimmer. It accentuates the natural shine in a gloss with a muted plum effect. Its looks marvelous on a lip stain from The Body Shop.
- Matte plum lips look bold when the rest of the makeup is subdued….

Plum color is known to bring out many facets of makeup and definitely needs to be done tastefully.

Do share your ideas on Plum makeup…………..
Till then,


  1. Hi Neraj,
    Nice always.
    For a moment I thought you have started writing about cooking :)
    I do agree with you that Plum does look great on any complexion. I love that color.
    Is is necessary to use Kohl or line eyes on lower lash line even if you use use soft colors like peach or plum ?
    If so, is it a safe bet to always use black Kohl, especially for Indian wheatish skin tones independent of the eye shadow you are using?
    For Me somehow it feels like the Kohl melts and forms a blackish stain below my lower eyelid and in an hr itself i start looking like someone has punched me on my Eye.
    By Gods grace I dont have any Dark circles , and I do use a good eye primer & Kohl but still the Kohl (no matter which one i use)seems to bleed.
    Any Suggestions ?

  2. Hey Neelam.....I havent really started cooking seriously but its gr8 fun...ur primer wouldnt keep ur kohl from staying as we use kohl at the water line and inner rims of the eyes where primer is generally not applied....U can use a water resistant liner from Lancome or MAC technakohl liners....or if ur eyes are a little watery...try avoiding it on the lower lid looks very sophisticated too...

    Another tip is to seal the liner wherever u have applied...To do this with an angled liner brush or flat liner brush apply a black powder eyeshadow and sometimes prevents kohl from running...

  3. Hey Araceli..the plum cake looks yummy and u wud look yummier with the inspired makeup look...


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