Friday, July 3, 2009

Le Grand Duo………

I’m a huge fan of MAC Mineralize blushes and eyeshadows and have been collection entire collections over years from their limited edition launches. Guys from MAC @ Juhu would agree with me on how fast these collections move and how they have to handle the “Out of stock” anguish of flustering customers like me.

There is a reason for this. The pay off of these Mineralize products is out standing with an amazing pigment quality and fairy like textures. The products create a lovely intermix of colors on eyes and a supernatural halo on the cheeks of which one could only dream of. Let me keep away from blabbering more and talk about the amazing Grand Duo collection that MAC launches yesterday.

If you have seen the duos and trios from the Mineralize collection and if you have owned them, I’m very sure at the back of your mind somewhere you would have craved to have blushes in these duo textures too. I think the craving paid off. MAC launches a duo collection of Mineralize blushes that goes hand in hand with their eyeshadow collection and is something that every girl and every makeup artist using MAC must have dreamt.

The Grand duos are duo blushes with a solid half and a marble half what MAC calls MELANGE. The colors are exquisite and the intricate veining of gold and lilac with copper and bronze and even purple make them a must have in the vanity case. (I believe the word VANITY in the vanity case comes from the vanity a woman or a professional has to store so many products in a makeup case….lol…whatever)

The pay off of the blushes is amazing and one needs to be very cautious in using them. I would not advice using the same technique that you use for other MAC blushes where the color is loaded on the blush brush and then applied on the face. Since these blushes are highly pigmented just a whisper of color is enough for the blush to show on your face. That’s why MAC promotes their brush no. 188 a duo fiber brush to apply the blush delicately on cheek bones.

Though the blushes are frosted, they do not impart that chunky and tacky shimmery look on the face. Instead they create a halo on the cheeks and the shimmer is very subtle yet powerful and pronounced. The marble side gives a mélange of colors that blend together to give a radiant shine whilst the solid side is packed with blush pigments enough to make one look like a Raggedy Ann if used in excess.

The best part of owning this blush duo is the number of colors that you can actually get from a single product. It has all the colors necessary to accentuate cheeks but MAC do not recommend this product to be used on eyes so be cautious.

Since I was not very keen on Intenso and Moon River which are for the extreme dark and extreme fair complexions respectively, I ended up buying the rest of the five. Btw these blushes are priced at Rs.1350 and I strongly recommend them.

Lets see the shade description: --

Moon River Blue pink mélange / Pale yellow pink

Love Rock Gold violet mélange / Bright blue pink
Grand Duo Copper pink mélange / Plum
Light Over Dark Orange yellow mélange / Deep brown
Earth to Earth Purple bronze mélange / Yellow brown
Hot Planet Copper yellow mélange / Mid-tone plum
Intenso Pink gold mélange / Terracotta rose

Do try them at MAC stores all over India and do write about how the products are…

Till then,

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