Monday, August 17, 2009

Love that LINER!!!

Eye liners are like a couple of brush strokes towards being GLAMOROUS. Eye liners are all about creativity and freedom.

An eye liner can alter the eye shape and always make it look better if done the right way.

These things are very easy to say until you really do a liner yourself. Being a makeup artist for quite sometime I believe using a liquid liner like an occupational hazard. You really need to do liners everyday to get the skill correct. Its like meditation, the more you concentrate the better the chances to go into trance.

I have used all types of these dangerous devices and never got results until a new discovery. This new discovery is actually an old one for many of the ladies I know, but I was a little ignorant. If you are scared of liquids why not try GEL LINERS.

Makeup artists are using these since the day they were invented and I got a chance to use them too. I love a nice matte black line and this does the work for me.

Of course my favorites are Clinique’s Brush on cream liner in True Black, MAC Fluid line in Blacktrack and Shiseido’s Accentuating cream liner in Noir.

The former being the best one, I’m going to review it.

Clinique as you know offers products that are allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. This is an extension of the cosmetic line and it is Ophthalmologically tested. This holds true as the liner works on sensitive eyes and lens wearers in the same way it does on common ladies.

What I love about the liner is that it is jet jet black. Its dark enough to remind you of midnight and matte enough for a cloudy night. It is a gel based formula that dries and sets to perfection. Water proof and smudge proof, makeup removers are the only companions that can remove it, of course gently.

Has crying in public been an issue with you while you were wearing your best dress and best 80’s makeup? Then you are the first one I recommend to buy this.

The gel liner pot carries around 5 g. of this jet black gooey liner. (It can dry up if the pot is kept open for a long time.) This tiny pot holds a magic potion in it. As a friend so that you don’t have to buy another one, a tiny brush is included with it. It’s the first time that a cosmetic company gives a brush in its packaging tat is user friendly and more or less useful. I love the flat tip of the brush tht is handy and convenient enough for carrying out any look. Yes the cons would be that the gel liner dries and makes the brush hard. So a regular tissuing off and some soap and water care is all that makes the brush ready for its next application.

Doing the cat’s eye is as easier as it gets with products like these. Lets learn how to do it: -

Apply a shimmer beige colored eyeshadow all over the eye lid that is primed with an eye primer like Benefit’s Lemonaid Correcting Primer. I love MAC’s Ricepaper with some gold in it. A much wearable option is MAC’s Orb or Grain for a subtle dose of shimmer. Contour the crease with a beige-y brown like Clinique’s Color Surge Mono Eyeshadow in Twiglet or MAC’s Buckwheat which is a bronze brown laden with golden shimmer flecks.

Then trace the upper lash line with a smoldering black eye pencil like Clinique’s Quick Liner for eyes in Really Black. It comes with a handy smudger which can be used to smudge the line or just paint the lash line so that it looks intensely tinted and darker.

The eye pencil also acts like a base for the cream liner to glide on easily and give a better hold.

Then trace the gel liner along the lash line giving it the desired thickness. I follow the rule of making it thin in the inner corners and gradually thickening it till it goes in the end of the lid and then abruptly thinning it out.

Don’t forget the lower lid. Apply an eye pencil in the inner rims from the outer ¾ th of the eye. Then with a flat liner brush, blend it in the lower lash line. Apply a beige shimmer in the inner corners and with a pointy eye brush trace a brown eyeshadow that was used in the crease to seal of the eyeliner at the lid. Apply the gel liner only in the outer corners and life it to join the upper line.

Look at this fabulous picture of Angelina Jolie and you’ll understand the technique….

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  1. Hi Dr Neeraj,

    Thanks for the mention. i have long been looking for a gel liner. I know about MAC's fluidline but was still taking my time to makeup my mind for it. COuld you please tell me the price of Clinique's liner?

  2. Hi....
    The Clinique Gel liner costs you Rs.1100 and comes with a liner brush that is very user friendly.

  3. Thank you so much. I am so hooked to your blog! :)


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