Thursday, December 31, 2009

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Hi All,

Its been really late but even after 4 months of internet spacing and mental torture (to some extent) I got my personal lappy and I’m free again to make posts.
Though 4 months don’t seem much long time, it’s a pretty long time for bloggers. Writing a makeup blog means lots of researching and lots of updates. I’m over loaded with updates these days and was dying to write things.

India has always been first priority for brands and more and more brands have started pouring in seeing the potential of an indian customer. But an indian customer is not very updated with these brands and sorry to say but the SA’s are no well versed at what they sell. So I’d always recommend makeup and cosmetic shoppers to believe in doing research before they go to counters.

Anyways one brand I always waited for has launched. None other than GUERLAIN. A legendary french brand that has loved and had connections with India even before we were born. The perfume Shalimar says so and so do the bronzers and their latest Kerala inspired makeup line.

Have you tried Guerlain before? If no, then you should try their Powder kohls, terracotta bronzers, the liplicious Kiss Kiss lipstick, Meteorites, the Le 2 Guerlain mascara and so many more……

Another brands rumored to come in are Bobbi Brown, Nars and Benefit. Known for their cutting edge makeup products, these brands are excellent players in the market and I have used some stuff of theirs which is mind blowing….and I shall be writing about it in the coming posts.

I had a chance to got to Kolkata Fashion week to work backstage for fashion shows as a makeup artist, thanks to my friend, teacher and mentor Lippi and her amazing Max Factor team. I did this as a part of my freelancing time that I get after working as a part time skin care consultant with another amazing dermatologist developed brand Clinique. I shall give a makeup breakdown of some looks that we did for the show. They were not extra ordinary but the models who sported them were goddesses and makeup gets enhanced on an already beautiful face.
In these 4 months I realised a lot of mistakes that brides do and have made certain realisations that I need to tell inspite of any comments that I get on them.

My article on makeup for Black women got good and horrible reviews at the same time. Some women don’t realise that my reviews are my personal ones and I have got nothing to do with other’s opinions on what I write. Even today when I look at my manager at Clinique Vidula I still feel that a dark skin feels like velvet. Btw I don’t publish comments writing by such witchy women on my blog as they are anonymous. Btw if I get a chance I’m going to ban anonymous comments from my blog. At the end of this conversation, “I would always love dark complexions however fairer sides they have and would advice people with bad opinions to rant about them with themselves.”

So you’ll see me soon writing interesting stuff and would urge all my wonderful readers to please give their opinions and suggestions.

Till then,


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  1. Really !! Is Guerlain , in India ??
    where has it opened its first counter ??


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