Thursday, January 28, 2010

Black-querd up…..

Black is an omnipresent color. Shades of black, white and grey create shadow, tone and tint respectively in any color. Black adds depth and transparency while white adds opacity and highlights. It's a trend to mix these achromatic colors in the true colors and get an amazing makeup effect.

The trend is with black added to different colors for an added glamour. You have blackened eye pencils, lipsticks and everything except blush these days. Black adds a punk effect to the most mundane colors.
MAC devoted an entire collection that has sold out called Style Black and created ripples amongst makeup fans. Btw lets see how we could play with the new black: -

  • Eye pencils and eye liners are to begin with. I recommend blackened amethyst, teal, denim blue, navy blue, pewter, taupe, brown, bottle green and gold liner pencils that are fantastic to add a subtle touch of glamour to any plain look. You'll find them all over MAC and Clinique in their various ranges of Kohl Shaper for Eyes, Kohl power pencils etc.
  • Black eyeliners with glittery silver, gold and various other colors like lilac, purple etc too are good.
  • Black also makes cameo appearances in brands like Chanel, Lancôme, YSL and Dior and adds another layer of confidence to makeup. I loved the Chanel eye glosses and eye shadows that had plums, teal green, navy blue and blackened copper as a part of the collection.
  • Mascaras are the blackest these days. But mascaras infused with glitters are better choices for makeup addicts like me.
  • To complement eye furniture, lipsticks have got sooty as well. See blackened purples, blackened burgundies and so many colors becoming a rage.
  • Nail polishes are not behind. Chanel's Moscow collection was jaw dropping with black infused with different pearly finishes. So legendary.
Here's a quick look that you could do for a party.

Do the appropriate foundation,concealing and powdering. For eyes, trace a chubby eye pencil over the entire upper lid and lower lid and blend with a small dome shaped brush for a smoky look.Then with an eyeshadow sponge applicator before the pencil liner dries (play time) dab some MAC's Reflects Antique Gold on the upper lid and Reflects Teal over the lower lid.Brush away the fall outs.Then trace L'Oreal Superfine glitter liner over the upper lid and fill in kohl in the inner rims of the lower lid.Apply sumptuous amounts of mascara and then dust some MAC Reflects gold over the eyes taking care nothing goes into the eyes.Apply a dusky peach blush and go with a brown peach lippie....It just creates a fairy like glow on the face....Remember we are playing with black in contrast to glitter.The effects are stunning....

Black is not at all a bad color. Its just harsh so we need help of our expert tools to soften it….

In this short article, on a short note…..I bid all a good bye…

Till then,


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