Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brushed up

Long long post ago, I'd written about the brushes I owned and now the collection has double folded. Since sometime I have been buying some amazing brushes from brands like LancĂ´me, Estee Lauder, Shiseido and an amazing brand called Scott Barnes. You can buy these brushes from

Before telling about the brushes let me tell you about Scott Barnes. Have you wondered who has been responsible for the J Lo glow? It's the ace makeup artist Scott Barnes whose expertise has adorned many Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lopez and many more. He is known for his signature glowing looks and skin enhancers and that was the reason he started his eponymous brand Scott Barnes cosmetics. Unfortunately due to some economic disturbances he had to discontinue his line and that's how he broke many hearts. I hope he starts again just like a phoenix rising out of the fire.

What makes Scott Barnes brushes so good?

  • Not only his celebrity status but also his attention to detail and quality made his brushes very user friendly.
  • I know that Scott Barnes' brushes are very expensive but if taken care of they'd last forever.
  • Some state of the art brushes that you don't get in the market.
  • His brushes surpass the quality of many other famous makeup brands like MAC.
  • Each brush looks as if its masterwork.
  • The brushes are soft but sturdy enough to blend and give an amazing professional finish.

I got some of his lovely brushes like

  1. Scott Barnes Angled Blush Brush
  2. Scott Barnes Contour Brush
  3. Scott Barnes Crease Brush
  4. Scott Barnes Foundation Brush
  5. Scott Barnes Concealer brush


Made of natural pony hair, this brush is soft like a wisp of cotton. Its dense bristles catch enough product and blend beautifully on the cheeks giving a professional result. I love the olive green handle which looks different and attractive. The ferrule is in steel with a dense tuft of hair that is of very good quality. The angled brush fits exactly in the hollows of the cheeks and applies blush or bronzer really well. I use the brush to also powder the under eye area thanks to the angle of the brush.


This is another blush brush that applies blush on the cheek bones and gives a sculpted look. The hairs are the same quality as that of the above brush and the handle is olive green too. I love to apply highlighting as well as contouring powders with this brush.


From the softness of these bristles I believe they are squirrel hair. Its blends the eyeshadow amazingly in the crease and softens any hard lines that could be there during contouring eyeshadow application. I also use the crease brush to contour the sides of the nose and give a zero size nose even to the fattest girl. This brush is versatile enough for a complete eyeshadow application and comes very handy when doing a smoky eye.


This foundation brush is made up of natural white goat hair. White goat hair are very soft but are excellent in blending creamy products thanks to their density. These hairs pick up the product but the liquid does not retain or stick to the hair and blends seamlessly into the skin. The bristles are white in color with a brown dye on the ends and looks really attractive and a piece of work. I love to blend liquid foundations, concealers, liquid as well as powder blushes with it and it blends them effortlessly. Btw the magic is even after applying foundation you'd hardly find any traces of the product on the brush when you wipe it with a brush cleanser. This shows how good the brush is. I'd compare it or may be its better than MAC 187 or Guerlain foundation brush and this one performs better.
It was designed to blend Scott Barnes' creamy foundations but does a lot of justice to liquid foundations too.


The concealer brush is made up of synthetic taklon hair that are stiff enough to make the brush sturdy but good enough to apply concealer in the smallest and hard to reach areas in the inner corners of the eyes. I love this brush because of its handle which is of the right size to fit in the hands properly. I find this concealer brush better than any brands I have used and it keeps me amazed all the time.

Unfortunately I did not buy the entire collection of Scott Barnes from the internet maybe because I have so many other brands but the famous five brushes of his are with me and I use them everywhere I go and even on myself.

I'd also advice to wipe the brushes with a brush cleanser or baby wipes, the latter being good as it is alcohol free and non drying on the bristles. Once a week wash your brushes with a mild shampoo and rinse them thoroughly under tap water and keep them flat on a surface to dry. Retain the proper brush shape so that there is no alteration in the brush hair.

Brushes are like babies, the better care you take the better is their upbringing.

Till then,



  1. was wondering if you can do a review on Colorbar brushes , rite nw they are exclusively available in select outlets , I only knw of SELECT citywalk :/
    I am tight on budget ,planning to get colorbar brushes ,, buh very unsure of quality n they are nt dirt cheap like vega's ..want yer professional insight on those , HIT or MISS ??
    do reply :)
    have a b'ful day

  2. I've never tried colorbar brushes so I cannot say whether they are good or bad.....I need to go and check out and maybe review on them..If u r tight on budget u cud buy NYX cosmetics brushes as they come in really affordable rates and are of good quality.....

    btw i wud not advice MAx factor miracle touch for oily skin even though it gives a powdery finish...try loreal true match foundation instead....


  3. Hello,

    Thats really pathetic! I wanted to buy Scott Barnes About Face, but was not sure! Now, I knw what to do! Really appreciate your efforts!

    I was quite skeptical "investing" on MAC brushes coz they cost a fortune! So, I started with Ecotools! Best ones for beginners, at least for the price!

    Would you mind me asking ur email id again! I wont spam, for sure :) Sorry if I was any trouble!



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