Wednesday, January 20, 2010

De-stressing daily

Skin care is the most important step in getting a flawless and radiant skin. Environmental damage, pollution and sun damage are some of the factors we need to protect our skin from. Stress happens to a contributing factor in premature ageing due to additional release of free radicals and factors causing ageing. Today available in the market are cosmetics that take care of ageing caused not only because of environmental damage but also skin damage due to internal stress.

Let me tell you what you see in your skin due to external damage, the signs of premature ageing. After looking in a mirror in bright daylight one with premature ageing would see: -
  • Fine lines on forehead, under eye areas and smile lines
  • Lax skin starting to loosen at the jaw lines
  • Folds on the neck area
  • Uneven discoloration on the areas of the face where the sun hits the most
  • Appearance of sun spots or age spots on the face and aggravation of freckles
  • Dullness and loss of the glow on the skin
  • Visible under eye circles
You are not the one who is seeing it. Its everyone around you who sees it and has it. This is because sun damage does not spare anyone and it happens to everyone.
Scientists with extensive research could identify internal stress induced damage on the skin externally and found out ingredients and cosmetics that could help fight this damage. I'd be discussing the ones available in India and the ones which I recommend the most.

A word of caution is "these cosmetics help fight internal stress induced damage on skin and not the internal stress itself. To fight internal stress one can try techniques like yoga and pranayam in an amalgamation with external skin care."


This is one of its kind moisturizer that has sun protection, anti oxidants and factors helping fight stress induced damage on the skin. Clinique says " Clinique's most complete defense against the visible signs of aging in a daily moisturizer. Arms it to fight the visible effects of emotional stress – which research confirms damages skin, like sun and pollution. Helps protect against UVA and UVB. Improves barrier strength. Keeps skin looking better, longer. "
  • It protects from environmental damage with broad spectrum sun protection SPF 25 in a ratio of UVB: UVA in 3:1.
  • Red microalgae found on the coast of Israel helps fight skin damage due to emotional stress.
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and prevents first signs of ageing.
  • Sodium RNA helps build skin's defenses and immune system to fight external aggressors.
  • Anti oxidants help reduce free radical damage.
  • Sea whip extract helps soothe skin.
It is available in very dry to dry, dry combination and combination oily to oily skins with the latter two being oil free formulations. Its dermatologist developed, allergy tested 7200 times before it touches your skin and 100% fragrance free to avoid irritation.
I would suggest one to apply Superdefense after Clinique's 3 steps of Cleansing, Clarifying lotion and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion/Gel with its counterpart night time moisturizer Superrescue Anti oxidant Night time moisturizer

Its one of the best ones I have seen but I strongly recommend one to get a custom fitted recommendation from Clinique's skin care consultants for a one of its kind skin care experience.


Arden says: "Night time is the best time for INTERVENE. This lightweight intensive moisturizer with BiodorminTM technology and youth preventing complex delivers a look of immediate radiance to the skin. Works continuously throughout the night to help skin recover from daytime assaults and defend against the visible effects of stress on the skin. Wake up to skin that looks younger, relaxed, revitalized and radiant."
I love this moisturizer for its texture and how it nourishes at night. You can use the entire INTERVENE range to get optimal results.
Stress busters are here but are you ready to get busted? (Stress-busted)…….do try it…

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