Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Get Star ready at home….

We have the same skin celebrities have, we have the same problems that they have, we sometimes even have the same clothes what celebrities wear but what is it that they have that we don't? Celebs can afford a personal makeup artist at every venture of theirs which we cannot as makeup artists like don't come at affordable prices unless you are a friend or a celebrity yourself. So the dream remains untrue. Its not only the makeup artist that is important but also it is very essential to have a good skin that can sport the makeup very well and look radiant. Radiance and glow comes from within when your skin is happy, calm and blemish free.

So lets see what you can do to your skin and what makeup skills you can have at large to get the celebrity skin and glamour that you wanted without spending bucks over stuff outside.


Sometimes we see cosmetics that are way too costly for our pockets like La Prairie but it's also bad to invest in cheap cosmetics that can spoil your skin instead of making it better. The rule is, "not every expensive brand has the best ingredients and not every inexpensive brand is bad." But vigilance is important. If you want to be classy avoid products made for the masses. You don't have to buy the entire skin care or makeup set that the brand offers but a mix n match of stuff is good.

Every skin is different so hunt for the products that are custom made for your skin. Sometimes something best suiting to your friend might not suit you at all. So don't experiment too much. Invest carefully in cosmetics that would do wonders to your skin and not just be wonders in the bottle.

I have always sensibly invested in products that were result oriented more than being advertise oriented. Remember in the advertisements they pay the actress who doesn't even use the product she is advertising but in real life nobody is paying you to use that product and get your skin bad. So now it's the time to think.


It depends on person to person but there are brands that I love for what they do.
For budget buys in skin care I like L'Oreal only as it makes products for everyone. I have never thought about any other brand in this line.

For prestige and luxury brands I like Clinique, Shiseido, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Givenchy, Christian Dior and YSL. I don't buy everything what these brands offer but a little here and there that keeps my skin functioning better and looking radiant and wrinkle free.

I also love natural cosmetics that are skin and environment friendly like Forever Living, Oriflame, Korress, Epicuren etc. and use it amongst the above mentioned brands. And btw I hate The Body Shop as their products don't do anything on my face and this is a personal choice.


Skin care regimen always depends on the environment you live in and the way your skin feels every season. The latter varies every season and your skin is known to change every 6 months. So what your skin was when you were in 20s is not the skin that you have in your 40s. I have some tips of my own that can help retain the glow your skin is craving for.

  • Exfoliate regularly. Regular exfoliation keeps your skin's cellular turnover at its optimal level and the skin spills out all the accumulated toxins regularly giving itself the brightness and glow it should have. Exfoliation helps remove cellular debris, surface flakes, excessive oil, clogged pores etc and makes the skin active. This active skin reflects light evenly and that's how it glows.
  • Hydrate your skin. Appropriate moisture levels in the skin are markers of a healthy skin. More the moisture retained in the skin happier the skin is. This doesn't mean you have to slather moisturizer every hour. It means using a hydrating moisturizer that not only puts water but also prevents it from evaporating from your skin. It's a myth amongst people with oily skin that moisturizers can make them oily. Oily skin needs more hydration and when its hydrated the oily secretions are less.
  • Use a face mask to tighten pores and extract toxins out of your skin. These face masks also help control oil production, unclog pores and create a better skin.
  • Stick away from harsh toners that have alcohol and witch hazel as they dry the skin surface and alter the skin pH. Alcohol can be dehydrating as it dissolves in water and evaporates from the surface. Alcohol free toners and exfoliators are taken by the skin better.
  • Always use a sunscreen as I have written in one of my previous articles and always use a night cream as well. As per a diurnal variation our skin switches from protection mode in the day where a sunscreen is a must to a repairing mode at night where a night cream comes in picture. Night creams are formulated with all the raw materials skin requires in the repairing phase and promise a healthy skin the next day.
  • You can do the DIY peels and microdermabrasion at home at your own risk. I would never advice an expert hand in this because even if they are experts they cannot have control over the pressure that has to be exerted on your face in compared to what your fingers can. Peels can be horrible of they go wrong making your skin from bad to worse so use these products cautiously.
  • There are no pills for a good skin as skin is just like a floating sponge over a pool of blood. It cannot take all the nutrients so we have to feed them from outside as well.


We are our own makeup artists and we have to choose our own products. Please use the try and buy method as the beauty advisors can be a little pushy about their products at times and we end up buying something that we'd use only once. I strongly recommend everyone to go to beauty counters when they have small makeup seminars and the makeup artists associated with the brands tells you how to pull a look. You can also have personalized makeup consultations at free of cost or a nominal fee reimbursed to you in your suitable makeup. These professional makeup advisors not only tell you what is in trend from their brand but also give you the latest fashion updates and teach you how to do your look at home the same way you did in the makeup consultation.

Brands that have personalized makeup consultations are Shiseido, YSL, MAC cosmetics, Inglot cosmetics etc. and I've seen countless successful results with many happy women all over India. The one difference is that these makeup artists are most of the times honest and don't push you through the product that is not selling the way beauty advisors at times do.

As a starter you can have a kit that is your own and have stuff that you could use and feel happy when you do it. I always suggest my friends to buy multipurpose products that do more than one thing like a cream to powder foundation, 2 in 1 lipstick and blush, highlighter for the entire face, powder foundations, mascara and eye liner duo etc. these are more cost effective and solve the purpose without cluttering your purse too much. Ellis Faas, an eminent makeup artist in Europe known for her raunchy makeup ads for brands like MAC and Moschino has developed her own brand that looks like getting makeup done in a space station.

It is not available in India but people going to Europe can buy it from http://www.ellisfaas.com/. What looks like a small steel cylinder holds eyeshadows, foundations, concealers, lipsticks and blushes in form of pens in a pen holder where the cap is is the compact powder. Its very futuristic and edgy and oh so sexy. Another Japanese makeup brand that Kosé has brought in is designed by famed makeup artist Ayako who was the international makeup artist at Nars cosmetics for last 14 yrs. Her brand called Addiction by Ayako has some of the fantastic stuff you can imagine.

Any makeup aficionado or makeup diva should always have her makeup kit at her disposal as makeup is more than a weapon of mass destruction. Celebs do the most of the things I have discussed above and that are what gives them a camera worthy skin. Celebs do more of other stuff like botox and fillers which one can do at their own discretion.

Are you your own celebrity? Now you can be one.

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  1. Believe or not, u dont know how much pleasure it gives reading ur articles completely without missing a "period :) all i can say, I truly appreciate ur efforts, Dr. Neeraj! Keep up the great wrk, which actively and passively helps people like me :)

    Every word is like a trigger, realistic! ur approach is totally unique and more practical!

  2. Thank you so much....I always feel I should talk about things people understand and use words that are common to all..Dont want to be Nigella Lawson and tell how to bake a cookie in the most theatrical way...its good but its not practical...

    got a fantastic set of sigma makeup brushes from sigmamakeup.com and shall review them soon....

    take care

  3. U wont believe how excited I am to see ur reply, finally!

    I would definitely appreciate a review on brushes! Just in time as I am planning to invest in brushes!
    thnq once again :)


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