Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Madeup Men

Makeup has expanded its horizons from women of all ages to men of all ages. Here I'm not talking about drag queen makeup for men, but some tips that make men's skin flawless and radiant. Today so many male actors use makeup and look stunning on screen. Male models don makeup to look much more appealing on the run ways. Even the US President uses a bit of magic with makeup for his famous appearances.

Is man makeup the in thing? Everyone is doing it, so why not we…….

When you do makeup for men these are some things that one must take care of to prevent from looking like makeup on or a drag queen. Btw there is nothing wrong is being a drag queen, so any queens out there, please don't mind this post. There is nothing harmful in doing all that for the ones who want to do it.

  • No heavy foundations, concealers and loose or compact powders.
  • No volumizing mascara, black liners and other stuff unless needed.
  • No shimmers and blushes
  • No lipsticks

How to do makeup for your man………..

  1. Use an oil free light weight moisturizer before applying makeup.
  2. Use an oil free sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer all over the face and very discreetly over the beard area to look natural.
  3. A brightening concealer like Dior Flash or YSL Touché Éclat discreetly in the under eye area and over the lids.
  4. Dust some translucent loose powder just over the concealer to set it and may be a little bit more over the entire face but not too much that it looks like a face smeared with flour.
  5. Use a brown liner just near the lash line and blend it to invisibility with a small eyeshadow brush.
  6. Use a lash tint or transparent mascara for unruly lashes and unruly browns. Sometimes long lash mascara also opens up the eyes.
  7. A little brown eyeshadow applied with caution on the lower lids can give a natural effect. I also like a little bit darker concealer.
  8. A matte taupe eyeshadow is good if you are confident enough.
  9. I love to use matte bronzers in the colors two shades deeper than the skin color. I dust it under cheek bones and jaw line for a sculpted look.

  10. Finish with a little bit of lip balm or a lip tint.

Makeup is not harmful. It actually gives an extra protection from environmental damage and also makes the skin appear flawless.

Surprise your man and show him how he could look the best.

Till then,


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  1. Thks a lot for this post! I have been looking for steps for make-up for men since a long time. :D


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