Saturday, January 30, 2010

The makeup commandments…

I have decided as long as I blog because of the time constraints I am expecting in the future I am going to tell all the 5 best tips in makeup that one has to know. This is for all who would love to know the subtle nuances that could enhance their makeup and use these tips in their day to day lives. We learn something all the time and the series of articles in this topic will be the ones responsible to spread it.

Makeup is a system and every system has some systematic ways to run it and get into the system. This is what we would talk about. These five tips would be for everything pertaining to makeup and skin care.
  • If you want to skip foundation completely, just apply concealer in the areas where you have problems, redness, blemishes and pigmentation. Then dust some lose powder and you would not feel the need of liquid foundation that day.
  • If you are into using lash primers under the mascara, so that the mascara goes better and you get voluminous lashes, always wiggle the mascara within 30 seconds of applying the lash primer. This is till the lash primer dries off. If the lash primer dries off before you apply the mascara, you will never be able to apply the mascara.
  • If you have very black and harsh looking eye brows, use a grey pencil to define them. The grey pencil without making you look old will just soften the harsh brow.
  • Never rub ice on the face as it dries the skin and due to blood pooling your skin would end up blotchy and red. If you want to soothe the skin or prep the skin before makeup use a chilled makeup fixing face spray on the face and then begin working. I like Clinique Moisture Surge spray, MAC Fix+ Spray, Clarins Makeup mist and Valmist from Christine Valmy with algae and anti oxidants in it.
  • To hide hideous open pores on the face, use a pore minimizing primer like Clinique Instant Perfector. Dab into the pore area and gentle massage in round motions. Then apply a foundation with the foundation brush in a zigzag pattern to camouflage the pores and with fingers press loose powder over it. Remember not to over fill the pores and always use non pore clogging formulas.

I hope you loved the tips and would invite some if you have yours as well…

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