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Mascaras of 2010.......Glamorous lashes on the go....

Mascara as I have mentioned in one of earlier posts, is an innovation that marks the identity of the company in the cosmetic market. Every month comes new mascara with various promises, some fulfilled and some unfulfilled. Mascara at the end of everything “opens up” your eyes and gives an amazing makeup result.

Mascara wands, formulations and containers have been changing and evolving with time and what we have today in 2010 are some of the best in the market.
Ps: - mascara reviews are my personal ones and I strongly recommend readers not to feel bad if their HG mascara is not mentioned in my list.


This mascara is an inspiration from its sister company Cover Girl but an international launch makes it give its own share of success and glory. It has a beautiful rubbery wand with iFX technology and a highly pigmented formulation that ensures coating the tiniest of lashes add oodles of drama in jiffy. Its easy to use and attractive in packaging. I love the dark black and neon blue colors that look fab on Indian ladies. I recommend applying 2-3 coats to get the desired results. It sells for Rs.500 approx.

YSL made their brand a station for mascara shopping with the launch of their famous Faux cils mascara. And this year they took it to another level inventing the Singulier mascara. It has a fatter screw shaped brush and silky formula that coats each lash to curl and volume……better? Better than its earlier version. Btw YSL has some interesting mascaras in vibrant violets, blazing blues, sophisticated greys, browns, plums, turquoises and all the colors possible in a classy gold packaging. It sells for Rs.1815 approx.


Its an innovative mascara with proteins and fibres to lengthen, curl and volumise lashes giving it a dramatic effect with a single coat. The formula is waterproof with thermal technology which means it goes through sweat, rain and tears but is easily removable with a cotton ball dipped in warm matter. Clinique makes life so easy as the mascara comes out with the evening shower after a hectic day schedule. This mascara promises a 24 hr lasting curl without the need of a lash curler. The idea is to hold the convex side of the mascara onto the lash tips for a few seconds to set the curl and you wouldn’t believe your lashes. It sells for Rs.1075 in Black and Black-Brown color

This is a mascara for the woman on a budget and promised 9 times fatter lashes in one swipe of its innovative mascara. The bright yellow packaging is very attractive and so is the brush. Its not a patented design as I saw the similar brush in Oriflame’s mascara. Overall it’s a lovely mascara. It sells for Rs.260

It’s has two brushes one to volumize and lengthen and other to define. It’s a lovely mascara with a classy packaging but I didn’t like the price at which it comes. The sizes of the mascara wands are small and easy to use even for starters as they coat each lash without clumping. It sells for Rs.2150


Shiseido makes lovely waterproof mascaras with their innovative technology that japanese are famous for. And this is no exception. Again a volumising and lengthening mascara, it promises a longer wear. Their new lash curler makes a very good pair with this mascara. The mascara tube is shaped in such a way that its imprint resembles the Shiseido flower. It sells for Rs.1450

Clarins was never a major player in mascaras but this mascara changed my vision about the brand. This mascara coming in all colors imaginable gives such thick pretty lashes that they look like they are never ending. I loved the plum mascara that would highlight brown eyes and complete their fall-winter look. It sells for Rs.1100

I was never been a fan of MAC mascaras as they clump a lot and are very difficult to remove but this mascara is exceptional. It has these glitter particles that open up eyes and looks very glamorous with every coat of mascara that you apply. It sells for Rs.750

This mascara adds definition to lashes after coating and separating each lash and imparts a fantabulous look to the eyes. The word of caution is that you really need to practice applying this mascara as the result may not be good at the first time but you’d get used to it and then it looks glamorous. I liked the comb with slanting bristles for more definition. Its one of the hybrid mascaras and comes with a price of Rs.1815.

The name is very enticing. On applying this mascara that also comes with a primer on one end, coats and moulds each lash into a tube for an ultra glamorous false lash effect. When you remove the mascara, each tube comes out easily and does not hurt or tug the lashes. It sells for Rs.750

Whatever the mascara looks like, it is supposed to amplify the glamour quotient and that’s what these mascaras are doing. You can visit counters of respective brands and get an on hand experience with each mascara. Each mascara comes with a price tag and you can decide which one you want to go for accordingly.

Hope this article gives you an insight on mascaras and helps you as a buying guide.
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  1. Hey, great article! Very informative.

    I have the maybelline one and it is quite good. I have heard even Colorbar is good!.. It would be nice if you could also review some more lower end products in terms of prices (streetwear, colorbar, maybelline, lakme)..


  2. I have the shiseido one :) works grt!!! Im eyeing the million lashes one now!!!

  3. This list has two of my fav's (the maxfactor and the maybelline one) somehow I just cant dish out the money for the high end ones when I know I have to trash it in a few months.


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