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Match Point

Coordinating colors in a mess free way is a dream come true. Let me try helping you…..

This post is about picking the best colors suited to your skin type and skin color. I would be talking about 4 skin colors, 2 under tones and 3 skin types. Plus we'd coordinate eye colors according to the matching eye color.

Do you remember the color wheel you studied in drawing class? It'd come handy today in choosing the best matching colors so I'd also insist in searching for "Color Theory of makeup."

Tip : - Coordinating colors according to skin features was developed by the famous makeup artist to stars, Mr. Maxilmillian Faktorovicz or Mr. Max Factor.
Please note that, there are no stringent rules in coordinating colors. This is just a way to achieve good makeup effect. I'd still advice personal discretion when deciding colors and use this post as a guide.


We say "pink" undertones when the veins on the forearm appear blue. Ladies with cooler complexion are generally flushed pink to ruddy complexions and almost many times suffer from rosacea. Colors from the cooler side like greens, silver, blues and violets towards reds are most suitable for such complexions. Though adding a yellow tone takes care of the pinkish flush and creates a warm glow, but cooler foundations do work on flawless pink undertone complexions.


Very common undertones in Indian women. The veins on the forearm appear green. Such complexions appear pale and yellow. Foundations with yellow undertones match yellow golden complexions and blend really seamlessly. Generally warmer colors like yellow towards green, yellows, golds, oranges and reds look amazing on yellow undertones.


Neutral colors are those flattering shades that look good on any undertone. These colors amplify the look of cool or warm colors. Beige, brown, peach are some of the neutral colors that look good on anyone and every one. Btw white is more of a warm color whereas black is a cool color.


This is selecting colors that would highlight the color of the irises. This is because of choosing contrasting colors.

Blue eyes: - opt for eyeshadows like gold, copper, oranges, warm browns, pinks, lilacs, bronze, peach, beige etc.

Green eyes: - opt for colors on the red and purple side like reddish browns, plum, violets, lilacs, copper, bronze, black, magentas etc.

Hazel eyes: - the spectrum of colors for this eye colors is wider than the other two eye colors. I'd love silver, warm browns, taupes, violet, plums, bottle greens, purple, pinks, gold, bronze etc.

Brown, dark brown and ebony eyes: - all colors of eye shadows look good on these eye colors. That's why Indian women are lucky to have brown eyes so virtually every color looks amazing. The only tip is lighter colors compared to eye color makes brown color appear darker and darker colors compared to eye color makes brown color appear lighter.


  • Eyeshadows: - taupe, grey, soft brown, dark brown, powder blue, light green, golden, silver, silvery pink, olive, soft bronze, soft copper, pink, lilac etc.
  • Mascara: - Black-brown, brown, navy blue, plum
  • Liners: - brown, dark brown, purple, plum
  • Blush: - pink, light plum, lavender, peach, coral, beige-gold, silvery bronze
  • Lipsticks and lipglosses: - bright pinks, fuchsia, reds, warm soft browns, pink browns, peach, silvery pinks, frosted pastel colors etc.
  • See ladies like Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paris Hilton, Kangana Ranaut, Kareena Kapoor etc.


  • Eyeshadows: - bright greens, navy blue, golden brown, shimmery peach, plum, purple, dark bronze brown etc.
  • Mascaras: - black, black-brown, plum, purple
  • Liners: - black-brown, plum, bronze etc
  • Blush: - medium bronze, peach bronze, pink bronze, warm peaches, corals, soft rose etc
  • Lipsticks and lipglosses: - shimmery nude beige or gold flatter such complexions, reds with a brown, maroon, wine, rosy pink, plum, soft plum etc.
  • See ladies like Aishwarya Rai, Vidya Balan, Catherine Zeta Jones etc.


  • Eyeshadows: - iridescent colors, warm metallic, soft rosy hues etc
  • Mascara: - black, purple, turquoise
  • Liners: - all colors
  • Blush: - Rose hues, brown pinks, shimmery corals etc.
  • Lipsticks and lipglosses: - glossy colors, tomato reds, oranges, metallic colors etc
  • See ladies like Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria Parker, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Shilpa Shetty, Priyanka Chopra etc.


  • Eyeshadows: - shimmery pastels, metallic greens and blues, coffee brown, black, black plum etc.
  • Mascara: - black, black with metallic shimmers
  • Liners: - all colors
  • Blush: - Red, plum, bright coral, bright magenta, shimmers
  • Lipsticks and lipglosses: - all dark shades and all glossy colors. I love sheer shiny glosses.
  • See ladies like Naomi Campbell, Bipasha Basu, Alek Wek, Iman etc

Choosing foundation textures is also important and needs to flatter skin types. I'd suggest the brand of the foundation rather than texture.

  • Dry skin: - Clinique SuperMoisture Foundation, Shiseido Age lifting foundation, Max Factor Age Renew Foundation, MAC Studio tech, MAC Mineralize Skin Foundation, Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation etc.
  • Combination skin: - Clarins Instant smooth perfecting foundation, Clinique Superbalanced foundation, Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup and Perfectly Real compact Makeup, Dior Forever Extreme Wear Foundation, Max Factor Miracle Touch foundation, LancĂ´me Color Ideal Foundation, Shiseido Stick Foundation, Loose powders from all brands, Chanel Pro Lumiere, Shiseido Advanced Hydro-liquid compact makeup etc.
  • Oily Skin: - Clinique Superfit Makeup, Clinique Even Better makeup SPF 15, Mac Studio fix fluid and studio fix, Clarins True matte foundation, Shiseido Dual Balancing foundation, YSL Matte Touch etc.

These foundations are one of the best selling ones in the market. I do love Chambor foundations but they are generally all skin type ones.

I hope it help your dream come true………….

Till then,


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