Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Newer posts on their way....

Dear Readers,

Writing this post gives me a reminder to what I could write about in my coming future posts.It also gives my beloved readers of what they are going to read.

Here are a few topics that you would be reading in my upcoming posts,

  1. Getting mattified with new collection from Revlon.
  2. Getting ready for a function that has an important role in your life...maybe a wedding of your friend or a get together kinda stuff.
  3. an Indian actress inspired makeup...
  4. Oily skin makeup...Beat the grease and get a lovely oil free skin...thats stays longer and better..
Do post your suggestions over anything in particular and I'd promise to try my best to help...

Do keep reading,

Till then,



  1. Hey! gr8! Looking forward to all of them, but specially the 2nd post on make up for get-togethers!

    Sugestions.. hmm.. Can you also do a post on make up for very dry skin with an oily T zone - combination skin? (that is me :D )

    Thks so much! :D

  2. oh kewl !!
    I wd be lookin forward to all those posts :)
    post them soon soon soon :D
    n thanks a lot for notifying :)


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