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Oily Dilemmas….

Oily skin maybe called as a blessing as people with oily skin don't end up with wrinkles in early age. But I feel it's a curse. Maybe the ones who said that it's a blessing never had an oily skin. They never felt greasy as they got up in the morning, never had clogged pores and did not get acne breakouts when there was a major occasion in the house.

I have gone through everything I mentioned above and after spending 6 yrs of my life with horrible acne breakouts today I sport a healthy and normal skin. Btw this post is not about me combating acne issues, but it is about makeup for oily skin. Let me sum up the hazards that happen when we do makeup without taking proper care.

  • The worst is using "ice" all over the face as its known for its pore tightening properties. Ice is BAD….it can be dehydrating and makes the skin blanched thanks to its blood vessels constricting properties. Its can really go bad because it freezes the skin and such skin can get really hurt.
  • Not using moisturizer before applying makeup. People with oily skin neglect moisturizers as they wonder why they would need it. Its not true. Every skin type needs hydration as water is the key element that helps the moisture content in the skin. More the moisture, less the skin getting oily. This is because when the skin feels that too much water has evaporated it puts in a film of oil to prevent further evaporation. That's why if a moisturizer is not used the skin feels parched and puts in more oil.
  • Makeup vanishes from the skin due to oils dissolving the makeup ingredients. It gets streaky, creases in the facial lines, lipsticks disappear somewhere and all the things possible happen after 3 hrs of makeup.
  • We have forgotten to use oil free products for oily skins. If skin maintains the natural balance of oil and water in itself, then just hydration is enough.

I hope everyone has gone through this. So lets see how to have a long lasting makeup that stays put till you wash it off.


Prepping oily skin is vital as that's how the makeup would last without being greasy. Use a foaming cleanser like Elizabeth Arden Intervene 3 in 1 face wash or Clinique anti blemish solutions foaming cleanser (even of you don't have acne) to remove all the traces of extra oil on the face. Try to exfoliate skin daily with a gentle exfoliator and once a week with a grainy AHA based exfoliator for a wonderfully radiant skin. Since oily skin tends to collect a lot of dead cell debris, scrubs are the best ways to remove them.

I love the Clinique Clarifying Lotion which is a gentle salicylic acid based exfoliator that removes surface dulling flakes and reveals a radiant skin. One should go with no.3 or no.4 for combination-oily to oily skin respectively. Daily twice a day gives clearer skin.

Use an oil free hydrating moisturizer like Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing gel or Shiseido Pureness mattifying moisturizer that is lightweight and very hydrating at the same time. Use an oil free sunscreen that best suits your skin.

The next most important step is priming the skin. A skin primer does not allow the acidity of the oily skin to react with the foundation and since the foundation sits on the primer, it sits longer and better. I love Clarins Instant Smooth Perfect touch or Estee Lauder Primer as they are oil free and very long lasting. For budget buys, Oriflame Skin primer is good as it helps for the face as well as eyes. For eyes I suggest Clarins instant light perfect touch eye primer, MAC prep n prime for eyes, Estee Lauder eye primer or famous in the Indian market right now, Elizabeth Arden Eye Primer. The eye primer does not allow the eyeshadow to settle in the creases and makes the eyeshadow glide better. MAC has a complete range of primers in their Prep N Prime range that takes care of everything….they even have one with SPF 50. Inglot cosmetics also have a wonderful makeup primer.


Oily skins should choose a foundation that's oil free, mattifying and something that absorbs excess oil from the skin, if a makeup primer is not used. I like foundations that give a sheer to medium coverage, hydrating concealers and translucent loose powders that absorb excess oil and make the foundation long lasting and run proof. For liquid and cream foundations I'd suggest Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation, Clinique Superbalanced foundation, Dior Forever Extreme Foundation, Shiseido Stick Foundation, Clinique Superfit makeup, MAC Studio fix fluid, L'Oreal True match foundation, Lancôme Teint Idole, Lancôme Color Ideal, YSL Matt Touch foundation, Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation, Inglot Mattifying foundation etc. I found Sonya cosmetics from Forever Living products that make cream to powder foundation enhanced with the goodness and nourishment of Aloe Vera.

When it comes to loose powders I like Shiseido Translucent powder, Clinique Blended Loose Powder which is mineral enriched and Oriflame Giordani Gold Mineral loose powder. I generally do not like talc based powders as talc removes all the oil from the face and is known to clog pores but sometimes it's an exception.

In concealers I'd suggest ones from Inglot, Clarins and Dior


Powder blushes are a boon to oily skin as they blend and stay better thanks to the sticky oils in the skin. But it a loose powder is not dusted, any blush formula would streak and look horrible. I also love oil free liquid and non greasy cream blushes and then dust them with powder blushes. Also good are cheek stains and liquid blushes that give a rosy glow when applied.

In powder blushes my favorites are from MAC, YSL, Shiseido and Lancôme. Lancôme blushes are packed with shimmers so I'd suggest gentle application as they would look oily on the skin. Never buy too much shimmer as it might look garish. The rice powder in these blushes absorb excess oils and makes the blush stay longer.

In cream blushes I have always talked about Shiseido Accentuating Sticks and Clinique Uplighting Liquid illuminator. Other favorite is Clarins Multi use cream blush with collagen.

For stains I'd suggest the one and only Body Shop cheek and lip stain.


There are a wide choice of powder and long lasting cream eyeshadows available in the market. So are mascaras and waterproof liners.


I prefer long lasting lipsticks and long lasting lip glosses. It's a personal choice


For touch ups and to avoid last minute makeup mess I advice always to carry an oil free compact powder. I like Clinique Perfectly Real Compact, MAC Studio fix, Shiseido Supplist Poreless Foundation makeup and Inglot pressed powders.

Oily skin can be controlled using the right products. The products that I suggested above are the ones that I like. You can also research in markets to see what suits you the best.

Do share your views on oily skin makeup……….

Till then,



  1. so true !!
    em plagued with horribly oily skin in summer , buh in winters it oes improve buh it hardly matters , cz winter last for less than 4 months in delhi :/
    in summer I resort to using MoM as my base , it controls oil very well and in matter of base make up , I can only trust light dusting of bourjois compact and tint from lakme , thats it .. nothing seem to stay on my face , even tried revlon colorstay active and found it below par ... maybe problem was the color ,, its too pink I wd say
    plus the SA's arent trustworthy .. she got medium beige for my NC 42 skin , I wonder if toast wd have suited me bettr :D
    great tips btw , will ty em
    P.S- will yu suggest Max Factor miracle touch for oily skin ??

  2. I have oily issues so I have found this entry really interesting!
    I am a new follower, nice to meet you!

  3. Great post and I 'm certainly taking tips.But most of these high end brands are not available to me could you suggest some drugstore variants.
    I'm a follower have a look at my blog whenever you can.


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