Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Product of the month: - Estee Lauder Concealer Brush 4F

In my post about Scott Barnes brushes I mentioned their lovely concealer brush which is very hard to find now since the brand closed down. Scott has restarted the brand but I have no idea whether he makes brushes so it's not a good situation there. After looking in the department stores for some other good quality brushes I was utterly confused between Clarins (Rs.950), Shiseido (Rs.1175 approx.) and Estee Lauder (Rs.1020) concealer brushes. MAC was out of question as I had not liked the brush for everything from its appearance to its performance and its cost too which is around Rs.1400 and not worth it.

MAC being an Estee Lauder company I thought of going for the latter. It made more sense as I'd heard of rave reviews about the quality the brand offers and their state of the art brushes have always been a talk of the town.


It's a navy blue-black concealer brush with yellow orange taklon bristles. It looks as if it was made to order for a Sultan due to its rich appearance. When it comes to packaging and quality, Estee Lauder has always mesmerized me and it did the same to me here as well. The brush is 17 cm in length and the breadth of the bristles in 1.2 cm with tapering ends.


The navy blue black handle with 1 cm of the handle being transparent and is made of Lucite and is very sturdy for concealer application. I'd not suggest anyone to use a lot of force while applying concealer or use it for fighting as then are the only chances when it'd break.


The ferrule of the brush is polished black and looks utterly stunning. The shiny finish adds a touch of luxury to the brand.


The bristles are synthetic taklon and are orange in color which is contrasting to the navy blue handle and that's what makes it more attractive. The bristles are soft and sturdy and picks the right amount of product. The tapering end of the bristles helps reach the tiniest areas of the eyes. While blending you can hardly feel any pressure and it blends in the skin seamlessly.

The concealer brush sells for Rs.1020 and comes in a shiny navy blue packaging with golden print. I'd recommend this brush to artists as well as amateurs and it's a great value for money for ladies who want a good quality brush.

Do try it and give me your feedback….

Till then,

PS : - other amazing brushes that I own are from Smashbox, LancĂ´me, Shiseido, Christian Dior and Clinique. I also have NYX cosmetics brushes that are excellent and inexpensive. I also own the blush brush from Estee Lauder and shall write about it. I shall soon post about these brushes. And I hope you enjoy them.


  1. Thnq very much for the recommendation! Will surely try this! Its a surprise for me to find some people not going gaga over MAC :) I never understood the hype, collections are like ridiculous! how many they have come up with lately? lovelace, warm and cozy, lillyand lilly pulitzer, Too fabulous, spring forecast....God there has to be an end! I find those hard to remember :) Oh, I dint wanna spam ur comment box, by the way! just felt like sharing!

    Would appreciate if you can provide me your email id! sorry, but u dont have to publish this post!

    I keep asking d same, time n again! Really sorry!


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