Monday, January 11, 2010

Second skin is in………

Max factor, a drugstore cosmetic brand is well known for its innovative products and cutting edge cosmetics for over 100 yrs. Its not easy to keep with trends and bring the latest in fashion and Max Factor has been doing it for ages.

I have always loved their foundations for being their amazing slip and finish and their Second skin foundation makes my love stronger. Second skin foundation SSF is one of the best foundation I have seen in the medium range cosmetics and though its priced at Rs.770, the finish is better than most luxurious and prestige brands in the market. Their Age Renew foundation had made me go gaga over their self adjusting pigments and lens mirror technology and now comes SSF with a better performance and of course a really natural looking skin.

It's a dream to get a product that ensures a real skin but only enhanced. We try millions and millions of products and haven't achieved it really. But now there's an answer. This is what SSF does….

SSF comes in a glass bottle which is transparent with a sticker that shows Second skin foundation. Over it is a pump for controlled usage of the product. The pump efficiently gives out only the desired amount of product rendering less product wastage. I brought shades 75 Golden and 80 Bronze. But the shade colors are limited. I hope MAX FACTOR improves its color combinations and gets foundations for darker skins in India. I hope they read this article too. ;) ;)

After a glob of foundation on the back of my hand, I discovered a ground breaking technology behind the foundation. SSF feels soft and a little thin in texture which is blends perfectly. The coverage is medium to full and one should not underestimate its thin tinted moisturizer like texture. On application, SSF goes effortlessly and blends over a larger surface area with eye popping results. The semi matte finish looks like nothing on the skin when applied. It looks like really skin, just like a second skin. Its oil free but gives a smooth finish and does not look cakey. This is true for 2-3 layers of application after which any foundation would show but this doesn't. I love to use a foundation brush since it spreads it better on the face and blends seamlessly. You can also use fingers but I wouldn't advice using a sponge as it wastes the product.

With one application, SSF covers minor flaws and the coverage gets better with layering. I could even conceal dark circles to some extent and then could use a lesser amount of concealer to get a flawless result. I like MAX FACTOR Natural Minerals powder foundation to dust upon SSF giving a fine veil of color and also is good in setting the foundation. Since the mineral foundation also gives good medium coverage, its just an addition to already achieved flawlessness.

Alternatives to SSF in the market are: -

  1. Clinique Superbalanced Makeup
  2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Light
  3. Lancôme Color Ideal Foundation
  4. Guerlain Parure light foundation
  5. Shiseido Advanced Hydro-liquid compact foundation
I'd use SSF everywhere including bridals, photoshoots and fashion shows due to the versatility of this foundation. Try it with other makeup products and you'd be camera ready and date ready any time…

Would write more posts using the Second skin foundation so do keep writing……………………

See the UK makeup artist Caroline Barnes telling us about SSF

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  1. oh ! yu know after reading yer article on Max Factor miracle touch , I made my mind to get that .. buh afta this intro of SSF , yu made my choice more difficult maybe I have to go to the counter and select a shade that suits my skin better
    just wanted to know which one will yu recommend for oily , troubled teenage skin :D
    I specifically have to attend my farewell in feb , there will be lots of pic , so natarully I have to be camera - ready ;)
    em so torn , which one shud I get - MAC studio fix. MAC powder foundation , max factor miracle touch or SSF ??
    or can you do a post on how to get ready for functions like dat - I hope I get lucky :D
    waiting for yer answers :)


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