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Sun is good….sunscreen is good too….

Environmental damage is so common….why? Isn't SUN the same that it was 100 yrs back……whats happening??

I have written an article before about sun damage and sun protection but the article has gone into my archives and I'm not sure anyone has ever read it.

Blame the chemical factories, vehicles, deodorants, refrigerators and what not……this is because of depleting Ozone layer. Ozone layer is the main reason we were safe from skin cancers as it used to reflect ultra-violet rays that are one of the potential cancer causing rays. This ozone layer started depleting thanks to the chlorofluorocarbons released from factories et al.

Today what we have is ultra violet exploitation and that's the reason ageing gets faster. What happens: -

  1. First signs of ageing appear at a very young age as the support structure of the skin starts damaging.
  2. Age spots appear early since melanin tries to protect the skin from environmental damage.
  3. Right from the infant age skin starts getting damaged sometimes even more than skin's repairing capacity.
  4. Children in ages of 6 – 8 yrs look sun burnt thanks to their mothers not applying sunscreens before letting them play, the effect of this could be future skin cancers. It's so predictable.
  5. Hyprepigmentation and hypopigmentation sets in on the skin thanks to excessive sun damage that goes unnoticed.
  6. Somehow Indian women (sorry if I am saying that) and Indian men are proud to sport an uneven skin full of pigmentation spots, acne marks and what not or maybe they are not prioritizing their skin care regimen thanks to recession and other national economic issues.
  7. Out of 10 people you see, 10 of them suffer from pigmentation and uneven complexion.
  8. This is a fact and not an exaggeration.
  9. UV-B rays cause the tanning and burning on superficial areas of the skin where as UV-A cause ageing that is due to their deep penetration in the skin's dermal layer.

Since this blog is for all, I have skin care and sun care tips for all….right from children to adults……girls, ladies, gentlemen and everyone under the umbrella of the SUN. God Apollo, the sun god is also the god of medicine and healing, so it explains all.

Markets are flooded with sunscreens and we are 99% clueless about what is happening and what sunscreen we need. It is not that difficult to determine which sunscreen would go on whom. It's just prioritizing….

  1. If you are at home and don't have anything much to do in the sun in the day or you work in office during day hours, an SPF 15 is enough.
  2. Sunscreens do change with the exposure to SUN rays at certain belts on the earth. The nearer to the Equator you live, higher the sunscreen goes.
  3. If you go out for buying vegetables or some errands a SPF of 15-30 is sufficient. This is applicable for afternoons but doesn't mean that you take sun rays directly on your skin. A physical barrier like an umbrella or full sleeved cotton clothes is essential.
  4. If you are on a field visit SPF 30 + is needed, with reapplication every 2 hrs. to ensure safety.
  5. If you are on a beach, SPF 50 and more with some extra protection can also be useful.

Sunscreens are not only for the face but also for the exposed parts of the body. SPF 15 gives you sun protection for 150 minutes in very ideal conditions like not sweating and no sunscreen promises protection from direct sun exposure and is water proof.

An ideal sunscreen has following features: -

  1. It should be oil free, non comedogenic and non acnegenic.
  2. It should not cause photosensitivity, photoallergy, phototoxicity etc.
  3. It should be water and sweat resistant.
And many more…

How to apply?

Apply sunscreen in a well moisturized skin 20-25 minutes before going in out. Reapply as many times in case you tend to sweat.

Did you know that there are makeup products in the market too, that help skin defenses to be in better shape to protect from sun damages? These products make a tougher shield for the sun rays or rather ultra violet rays to penetrate through. Thus makeup has also started becoming sun friendly….

  1. Clinique makes foundations, tinted moisturizers, bronzers, lipsticks and lipglosses that protect from sun damage. The Even Better Skin Tone correcting Foundation SPF 15 sets newer standards by even correcting the visible effects of sun damage and clearing the skin out of uneven pigmentation. Its like more the foundation you use, the less the foundation you need. The Moisture sheer tint SPF 15 also has anti oxidants that protect from further environmental damage. And it's a makeup and skin care packed in one tube. The Almost Bronzer provides immediate sun protection and so does the High Impact Lipstick. The Sun smart range of Clinique is one of the first batch of higher generation sunscreens tested for photo stability and sustain their integrity under the sun as well. This range starts from SPFs 15, 30 and 50 for the face as well as body and an After Sun Rescue Balm for protection from sun damage. Their SPF 25 sun spray is an excellent way to get an instant sunscreen effect.
  2. MAC makes primers with SPF 50 which are ideal for outdoor shoots.
  3. Shiseido has their SUPPLIST PORELESS compact and their ADVANCED HYDRO-LIQUID compact
  4. Lancôme makes the UV protecting sunscreens with SPF 50 that protects the cellular DNA.
  5. Guerlain being one of the brands pioneering in sun care, has artificial tanners and bronzers that give the sun tan without actually causing it.
  6. Oriflame makes sunscreens that are for children's delicate skins too.
  7. In the budget ranges, I prefer L'Oreal and Vichy. I have no idea how Lotus Herbals sunscreens are btw. They have a lot of customers though.

How much ever you write on sunscreens, the topic is never ending. But a sunscreen is a key to flawless skin. Admit it and you'd see results.

Till then


  1. Hey, gr8 article! lots of useful tips.. Was wondering if you can also write an article on face & eye primers available in India. Thks :D

  2. I so agree with you .. rite nw em using the neutrogena ultra sheer ,, n so far em happy with it , I might be repurchasing :)

  3. hey ladies...
    thanks for the comments...

    I love Clinique not coz i work for them but because they make really strong ones and are oil free too..

    I have written about eye and face primers somewhere in my previous posts...
    but i am going to write about some new ones in the market..



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